Summer is a great time to adventure, picnic, swim, hike.

Have you been enjoying your summer?  With a week left for you and your family and friends to enjoy the holidays before they head back to school we hope you’ll make the most of it!!

Best wishes for a great week ahead and catching that ‘summertime feeling’. Your Libre tea glass makes a great companion for all your beverages ‘on the go’ from tea infuser to water bottle to hot chocolate camping mug.

We thought we’d give you a few ideas for a full week of fun in the sun!

10 Ideas for the last summertime fun:Last Summertime Fun Giveaway

  1. Go camping or hiking – often spots close to home are overlooked.
  2. Visit the PNE in Vancouver BC or CNE in Toronto ON
  3. Attend the Harbor Days Maritime Festival & Vintage Tugboat Races in Olympia WA
  4. Have a picnic or barbeque and share your favorite summertime recipes.
  5. Visit the San Diego Museum of Arts or take the kids to the Toy Doctor Workshop
  6. Get out that last book you wanted to read this summer and head to the beach or park
  7. Have a family walk around your neighborhood ; notice the colours, sounds and smells of summer at its fullness.
  8. Pick a bunch of wildflowers on a nature walk.
  9. Surprise your neighbours with a homemade batch of cookies or muffins and some iced tea for a backyard break.
  10. Pull out those photos of the summer holiday for family fun and collation – what you enjoyed about the summer of 2013

What did you most enjoy this summer? 

What summer tea moments with Libre did you enjoy?
Any new ideas for your Libre tea glass for summertime fun?

Share your tea moment story or photo
to win your choice of Libre Tea infuser!



Comments (16)

  1. Daphne


    As a family we like to go to the Drive-in. Beautiful summer nights, delicious cold tea and popcorn and really exciting movies to watch is the perfect formula for a perfect summer.

  2. loriag


    What I enjoyed most this summer was returning home after being gone for 9 months. My husband had become ill while we were out of town last year and it ended up being Leukemia. He began induction chemo, followed by more chemo and a stem cell transplant in the city we were in. We were unable to leave that city due to the treatment plan. Well one of my delights coming back to our house was seeing my Libre Mug and the loose teas I had left behind on the shelf in the kitchen. It was one of those comfort moments like a warm blanket.

  3. Lynne Z


    I’ve really enjoyed taking long bike rides this summer and coming home to a cool glass of iced tea!

  4. Vita


    I love spending my days camping out with my guy and relaxing by the beach. And nothing goes better with relaxing than having any type of tea in my Libre mug.

  5. Reply

    Had so much fun taking my family to Washington DC to roam the city while i spoke on a panel at the Yoga Alliance Conference on The business of Yoga. Then off to my brother’s hay farm for a farm party in the barn, swim and dive session in the nearby lake and catching an open-mike night at The Cellar Door in Historic Frederick, Maryland. Back in LA now and getting a whole bunch of friends together in North Malibu county at Leo Carrillo Beach for some surfing, Boogie-boarding, frisbee, beach football and Guitar jamming as we end the month of August in joyful illuminating gratitude…Love summertime!

  6. J. C.


    My partner and I stayed at a relative’s estate in the country side which includes a rather large strip of the forest nearby. For city folks like us, this was great change of pace and eased the stress caused by one of of us losing our jobs. Furthermore, we also contributed to the kitchen, making some kind of potluck every day for 4 days.

    Sitting on a sunny balcony and reading while having tea in my Libre glass was great too! ;P

    I actually wanted for us to go hiking as well but our summer was quite packed and we never got around to doing it.

  7. Debra Lewis


    I like to walk the trail I run on with my children in the evening and go home to a nice cup of green tea. This is a chance to enjoy the trail as a family, with no thoughts of running.

  8. Odessa


    We were able to go visit family out of state. It was wonderful to relax by the pool, and enjoy the company of people I love. Especially the ones I don’t see nearly enough.

  9. Rebecca Helene Thomas


    My favorite tea moment was enjoying some iced green tea on the beach during our first family vacation in bethany beach DE. Watching my little 8 month old girl feel sand between her toes for the first time :)!

  10. Dee


    I enjoyed the drive-in this summer with a cup of tea in hand to keep me warm for the three-movie-stretch!!!

  11. Maryann D.


    I enjoyed going to a few summer concerts at our local parks this summer.
    I always love having my tea each morning quietly before everyone wakes up!

  12. Vilma Pacheco


    I love my Libre mug that I’ve taken it with me all summer long. To picnics, to the beach, anywhere to enjoy the summer.

  13. Dilara


    I’ve been experimenting with tea infused cocktails all summer & have been testing out my concoctions with friends at BBQ and picnics.

  14. PeleeFarmer


    Harvesting the fruits (and veggies) of our labour here on one of the southernmost farms in mainland Canada – in Leamington, Ontario – the Tomato Capital of Canada – while drinking homemade iced tea out of a canning jar. Yes, a canning jar. Sounds quaint. But it doesn’t keep the iced tea cold like a double-walled Libre Tea glass would. ‘Course, I don’t know for sure because I do not own one……yet. 😉

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