Love to be included in the 5 Days of Yogi Stocking Stuffers @ Yyoga’s blog!

British Columbia’s Eat Magazine has included us as a ‘Last Minute gifts for gourmets’?

Good Life Vancouver has a great list of Delish Stocking Stuffers!

Melissa Wrzesniewsky has a terrific ‘Expanding Leaves shows how to use a Libre Tea Mug‘ Video!

Passport to Prana and Libre Tea join together giving a Libre Tea glass and a Passport to Prana for one lucky reader!

Cooking for a Vegan Lover  reviewed us for  ‘On the 8th Day‘  Giveaway and has a great video on how to use a Libre Tea glass ‘n’ poly!

Travel to Wellness included a wonderful ‘Tea Moment‘ contest in her Libre Tea Review!  Travel to Wellness is a monthly online magazine and free newsletter that caters to the growing number of wellness-minded travellers and the expanding spa and wellness travel niche.

We were thrilled when Adele Chan did a Hostess Gift Segment on Urban Rush and included Libre Tea as a great hostess gift!

Leslie has some flowering tea photos and a review of  the Libre Tea glass on her blog ‘And her Little Dog Too‘!

To view some absolutely lovely flowering teas in a Libre Tea glass check out Creative Kismet’s blog.

Did you have a chance to enter Jungwha’ Libre Tea Giveaway over at Blue Sky World? the best place to go to learn about Kabocha!

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