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We have 2 Libre Collections – the Classic Collection with metal trim, for a unique, more polished tea travel experience and the Libre Life Collection.  Each with its own design and character – The Starburst Turquoise, Lively Leaves Green, go-anywhere Black Brush and sparkly Garden Dance Pink – liven up the family portraits with a little new colour.

All the Libres are thermal hot and cold – great for year round use! They are a pretty and practical solution all day long for your busy lifestyle and provide more ways to enjoy relaxing tea moments anywhere, anytime.

Here is what our reviewers say:

Kathy from How to Shop for Free created her own delicious recipe – The Apple Pai” – Just for her Libre Starburst.

Margie at My Springfield Mommy loves her Libre Tea glasses.  “The Libre Tea infuser glass hasn’t left my side since receiving it and I have used to religiously.”

Heather from All Roads Lead to the Kitchen reviews the Libre Tea Classic Glass. “Super versatile! I can see myself using this glass year-round. Fill the bottom with citrus slices and/or seasonal fruit and herbs, then fill with cold (or hot) water for infused water on-the-go.”
original saleOver at Mommy Makes Time they reviewed the  Libre and think – “Libre Tea–Perfect Holiday Gift for the Tea Lover in Your Life!”
Maria from My Fridgie reviewed the Libre Classic 14oz glass. She says, “They are eco-friendly, and super practical if you are in a hurry and what to take your tea with you.

Amber from Tx Mommys Savings & Reviews loves making Jasmine tea in her new Libre. “The makers of the Libre Tea glass have ingeniously created a way for people like me to be able to make a glass of tea and enjoy it while on the go. ”

libre sieveAshley from How to Shop for Free says, “Brewing tea in the Libre tea glass is super easy! I took it the step beyond to infuse the tea itself, so I first tossed in the slices of apples, a pinch of cinnamon & brown sugar.”

Glimpse ReviewsLeanne from Glimpse Reviews says this about her new Libre glass, “I fell in love with it as soon as I saw the box! It’s pink! It’s a whooping 14 oz (just under 2 cups)! It has a pretty design all over it!”

Very happy to be included in Fall Favourites over at eat spin run repeat. Angela says, pink for 2“compared to some of my other travel mugs, it’s so much better! The outside is made ofBPA-free poly and the inside layer is glass, so my tea stays hot and my fruit-infused water stays cold.”

Pam reviewed the Libre Garden Dance Pink glass on Kelly’s Thoughts on Things. “I love my fall libre life trioglass so much I want to buy some for my friends for the holidays- please check out Libre Tea and get your Tea Lover one of these gorgeous infuser glasses.”

Jill from Wrapped Up N U loves her new Libre Starburst glass. “So if you love all things tea make sure to check out Libre Tea today. Libre Tea products would make a great standalone gift, stocking stuffer and we think teachers gift. Libre Tea makes it easy to enjoy your favorite tea blend.”

Marzipan at Tea Lover reviewed the Libre Black Brush glass, “If you want to make your tea and start drinking it pretty soon and have a tumbler that will keep it warm while you drink it while you nurse it for a couple of hours, this is a great candidate.”

leaves 3Miriam over at Future Nurse Miriam review the Libre Garden Pink glass and says “It is by far my favorite! I’m pretty sure the only time I will use any other infuser will be if this one is dirty. It’s so easy to clean…I actually don’t see that ever happening. Hah!”

Mary from Living a Sunshine Life loves her tea glass. “Libre Tea Glasses are my new favorite travel glass. It’s perfect no matter where you’re going, from school to work, running errands, to your workouts or even just to enjoy your drink while taking a break in front of the TV in the comfort of your own home.”

original saleSarah from Nature’s Nurture has reviewed our Libre glasses. Sarah says this about her Libre glasses, “The Libre tea glass – probably one of the most brilliant and simple inventions for tea lovers that I’ve seen in a long time.”

Here is a Libre Black Brush Tea Glass Review at Rambling Butterfly Thoughts:  Tea  Geekery and Rambling. “The Libre Black Brush Tea Glass, to sum it up, is a thing of beauty! It is so pretty with its black lid and base and matching black tree branches reminiscent of trees in winter.” (yes, we know this is not the black but we just love Amanda’s picture)

starburst 3Check out Julie Jones’ review of the Libre Starburst #TeaTumbler!  Julie says, “I personally think it’s cute and am going to make this my daily carry! I love the steep control…”

Here is a review from Life With Dawna of the Libre Starburst glass. Dawna really loves her Starburst, “A few months ago I started a romance with a tea cup. Then I picked her up.  Heavens opened.  Angels sang. We went home together and have been inseparable ever since.  I use it for drinking hot water, herbal tea, orange pekoe tea, hot or cold fruit infused water.

russ teaCheck out Russtea’s review of our Libre Large #teaglass. Russ says, “One of  the greatest advantages of it is you have a choice of how you want to brew your tea!  It also looks really stylish and is sure to be a great conversation starter round the office.”

Laura from The Mango Seed has a review of the Libre #teaglass.  “What I love about Libre Tea Infusers is that the inside is glass. Drinking hot beverages (or anything) from plastic or airplane styrofoam is not a smart choice. Not only is glass the healthier alternative, but everything tastes better in glass too.”

cup of lifeLu Ann from The Cup of Life has a review of the Libre Large Black Brush Glass, giving it a t out of 5 tea leaves. Saying, “This is a tea tumbler that exceeds all of my expectations.”

starburst 1Katie from Mysterious Ramblings has reviewed the Libre Starburst #teainfuser and says, “Overall, I would most definitely recommend this to any tea lover out there. It is refreshing to find a company that’s innovative enough to make a glass like this one. It really is the perfect glass for quick, delicious, hot or cold tea.”

Cool Indeed is loving their Libre Mug, “I’m completely digging this mug and it truly makes a perfect gift for the tea lover in your life.”

Lucy at Foodie Force  in the UK likes her Libre Original, “The Libre keeps my tea nice and hot whilst on the go and best of all magically, the outside doesn’t get too hot to handle.”

Nancy over at Jenn’s blah blah blog takes her Libre on the go! “I have found the perfect way to do that (take her tea) no matter where you are located.  Libre Glass’n Poly Tea Glass makes brewing your special blend just the way you like it even when you are on the go.”

frugal_weblogo1Here is what the ladies at Fru-gals had to say about their Libre glass: “I love this tea carafe! It’s my favorite and I’ve tried many. I take it everywhere all the time.”

Libre Black BrushHolly from Frugal Canadian Coupon Mom loves her Libre Large Black Brush! “I suggest that if you have the chance to try out some of their products, you will not be disappointed!!”

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