Healthy Living Now Magazine Gift Guide

Healthy Living Now Magazine Gift Guide

Healthy Life Redesign with Dr. Kimberley!

Healthy Life Redesign with Dr. Kimberley!








Chicago Area Yoga

Chicago Area Yoga


img_6129Margaret from Frugal Shopping and More says, “I have used Libre Tea Glasses for four years now because they have made drinking loose leaf tea so much easier. I even use one as a fruit diffuser. Now, I can also enjoy drinking my matcha with the Libre MatchaGo Travel Matcha Shaker whenever I go. ”



jensoltys-12-12-16Jennifer from A Magical Mess says, “Libre infusers let you take your tea on the go. Fill your glass with loose tea, herbs, or even fruit for delicious hydration anywhere.”



pg420-mixed-6packJoie from Networking Witches sharing their Libre Love, “I’m in love with the Libre Tea Glasses.  I don’t like drinking from plastic or metal and the inside of this bottle is glass.  This makes it easy to clean and keeps this from getting odors and tastes I don’t want.  The outside of this bottle is plastic to help protect it from accidental breakage.”



Carolyn from Mommy Ramblings says this about the Libre 9oz Classic Infuser, “When a product is good, it stands the test of time. The Classic 9 oz Libre Tea Infuser is the first model that Libre Tea introduced back in 2009. Today, it is still a customer favorite.”




todays-womanRose from Todays-Woman shared Libre as a great gift idea, “Libre has a made a product that accommodates the needs of today’s active moms.”





living-smart-girlSheila from Living Smart Girl loves her Libre glasses, “I continue to use the Libre Tea products and continue to love them and promote them as they make amazing tea mugs for all your loose leaf tea drinking. They have a fun assortment of tea glasses for hot or cold tea, and now even for Matcha tea.”




Photo be Confessions of an Overworked Mom

Photo be Confessions of an Overworked Mom

Ellen from Confessions of an Overworked Mom loves her Garden Pink glass infuser, “


Powered by Mom

Beth from Powered by Mom says, “These gorgeous Libre tea glasses have changed the way I’m taking my tea these days!  You can carry these anywhere (but don’t leave it sitting – someone will walk off with these beauties!).



starburst 3Heather from Here we go again, Ready  loves her Libre Starburst Glass. “I love the design of my Libre Glass. The design is so fun!  This glass is made differently because it has a glass interior and plastic exterior.”



Tammie, from Tammie’s Reviews, Giveaways and More says, “I have fallen in love with this product and take it everywhere I go. Not only do I use it for tea but it has really helped me to increase my water intake.”




Angie from Kelly’s Thoughts On Things has a review of the Libre Starburst and Lively Leaves.  “This beautiful Lively Leaves Tea Glass makes me think of nature and being outside.”

pink - tea - 1



Here is what A Mom’s Perspective says she likes best, “The best thing I love about the Libre Tea Glass Infuser is the portability. I can take it anywhere I want to go. When I leave my house, I can bring a freshly steeped tea or infused beverage along with me.”



Alive Health Magazine












James from TChing has reviewed the Libre Classic 14oz tea infuser! “I have found that the Libre 14oz tumbler is perfect (for cold brewing) because of the filter, there is no hassle in filtering the tea, just take the tea out of the refrigerator and start drinking.


teanecromancerAlexsia from Rambling Butterfly Thoughts – has a reviewed Libre 14oz Black Brush Infuser. “It is so easy to toss in whatever tea or herb (hello osmanthus and chrysanthemum) I am wanting to cold steep with cold water, put the lid on, and put it in the fridge before I go to bed.”

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