We had a relaxing and rejuvenating time away. Delightful times to connect with nature and are back and ready to see what’s new!

Have you had a chance to get away for a week or two, or even one of the long weekends? Taking a break, doing something out of the ordinary helps us to connect with ourselves and focus on what is important to us.nadine quote

Connecting with nature is so important for your physical and mental well-being.

Here are a 5 ways to connect with nature for a week, day or a few hours:

  • Take a walk in your neighbourhood, count the flowers, listen to the different bird sounds
  • Head outside for an outdoor nap (beach, park, backyard), watch the clouds float by or count the stars at night
  • Visit to a farm or local petting zoo,
  • Go boating, drift away in the summer breeze
  • Go hiking or camping, hug a tree

Remember to breathe in the fresh air, feel the vibrations of the trees and walk barefoot as much as possible.

Here are some pictures from our time away:

paddle boardyoga in the forest

on holidays

walking in the streamsunset

How are you connecting with nature this summer?

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Comments (33)

  1. susan smoaks


    i am connecting with nature this summer by getting outside and walking as often as i can

  2. Laurie P


    My girl and I spend a lot of time going on nature walks, and scenic trails 🙂

  3. marthalynn


    Hiking and discovering with our kids has been great for connecting with nature and unplugging from our busy lives. We’ll find curious shaped rocks &funny branches, try to identify animal prints we find, and talk about all the ways the trees and animals are important to us. I’m thankful that my children have helped me remember how much I love being outdoors. It’s refreshing and rejuvenating.

  4. Sandra


    My favorite way to connect with nature and zone out to the world is to be outside tending to my flowers with my dog sitting by my feet and the birds chirping in the background. For some reason I find this very therapeutic and relaxing and look forward to it so much on a sunny hot afternoon.

  5. Robert


    Always been connected with Nature. I always connect with my plants that I AM growing out on porch.

  6. Christopher Sorel


    tons of scout camping and taking in a hike, baseball and camping on the field tomorrow night with the scouts. The life of a scout leader is never ending

  7. Tammy B


    This summer we have been spending time at a friend’s farm walking, working in the field and enjoying the time outside. 🙂

  8. Amanda Alvarado


    We went for a sun rise walk along the beach when we were there last week! Beautiful doesn’t even describe it!

  9. Sara


    weve been going on lots of trail rides, just us, the horses and some way back in the woods or walking in the ocean.

  10. Reply

    I try to go ocean swimming every couple of days. Tasting the homesalt flavour of our Pacific Ocean via the Salish Sea puts me in touch with things and concepts that exist outside of my daily frame of times and to-dos. Each day I swim the water offers up different temperatures from bathwater warm at the top to deeply cooling when I tread water, to currents that run through the areas where I swim – currents that change daily, and bring crystal clear views of rocks and starfish, or floating caresses of kelp and bracken, or a challenging striation of wood bark and flotsam to swim through to clear ocean. It’s a meditation that anchors me to home and makes me feel connected through the restless currents to everywhere on the Pacific Rim… and it’s just half a kilometre from my front door. A reminder that I don’t need fancy holidays and spending money to feel rested and enriched.

  11. Vilma Pacheco


    This Summer I’m taking advantage that we had a lot of rain here in the North Dallas area which help make all plants and trees become beautifully green and I’m enjoying taking walks to admire nature and see and hear the abundance of the birds.

  12. Jolyne Dunn


    My husband and I work in the yard, play with the feral kittens and just plain sit in the swing. We don’t care if it is 100 degrees outside, we sit outside! Funny thing……no one else in the neighborhood is outside! Just us.

  13. Brenda Witherspoon-Bedard


    I just came in from laying out in the yard under our lilac tree <3 xo

  14. Elena Vo


    Writing and sketching in my journal by the lake. I always come home so refreshed after doing that.

  15. Debbie


    Walking with my dog early each day of summer and collecting acorns as they fall to plant next year as part of my oak woodland garden.

  16. Amy C.


    I’ve been taking walks in my neighborhood instead of going to the gym this summer. I love it! So much more peaceful!

  17. Dee Schwark


    I am connecting with nature by going camping and taking my dog for walks….also by sitting on my deck while meditating 🙂

  18. Reply

    I am taking 5 of my yoga students on a retreat by boat next weekend. I have hired a narrowboat and we are stopping off enroute to do yoga in the fields. Doing yoga outside is a very connecting experience. And one of the lessons I have planned is connecting to the five elements of nature.

  19. Kristine


    I reconnect with nature by going camping as much as possible with my family and friends 🙂

  20. Sunnymay


    I go at least twice a week to the Nature Center and walk on the boardwalk. Listening to the sounds of the brook as it tumbles by and seeing chipmunks, squirrels, deer and the rare weasel (spotted twice), refresh and refuel me. The canopy of trees keeps half of the path shaded. My step is bouncier when I leave.

  21. Maryann D.


    We do take walks around our neighborhood to connect with nature, we notice the flowers and the birds and even some cute cats that are walking around also.

  22. Heather Howard


    I connected with nature this summer by being blessed with my first whale watching trip. It was so amazing being able to see wild life in their natural habitat! We were so blessed to see a baby and mama humpback as well as seals.

  23. Casandra Lightenlove


    I connect with nature by gardening, hiking, swimming with my son, and doing yoga outdoors (so serene and tranquil).

  24. Thuy


    Going camping connects me to nature. Just being outdoor and away from the busy city life calms me.

  25. Nicole Sender


    I’m connecting with nature while gardening flowers for bees and hummingbirds!

  26. Gina Gallagher


    I’m walking outside instead of working out inside a gym! Really finding it beneficial.

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