A tea moment contest!! - we are excited to work with Anne Dimon of  Travel to Wellness, a fantastic source of the best travel tips for wellness destinations.

Travel to Wellness is the online magazine for the wellness-minded traveller. Spas and spa vacations around the world, spas in canada, and fitness adventures”

You can enter at the travel to wellnesss website and for another chance to win please let us know below in the comments about your tea moment for a chance to win one of three prizes of a Libre Original, Mug and Green tea – in our new individual travel paks of 3 grams each.

Share with us your thoughts and or memories of a tea moment for you – we are curious – what’s your tea moment?  Contest closes Dec. 16 midnight.

We look forward to assembling these into a relaxing and inspiring read for the new year.

thanks for your time to share in this inspiring season and many peaceful tea moments to you


Comments (42)

  1. Laura


    I would like a second chance to win, please 🙂

    My favourite tea moments are in the summer while the herb garden is thriving and the children pick lavender, chamomile and mint to make their own special brew. They love to serve tea and make goodies out of huckleberries and honey to serve to my friends and I. Such sweet memories

  2. Stephanie Poole


    Libre your so awesome, please allow me a “second change (chance) to win”…

    Marsi Cho

  3. Reply

    My favorite tea moment is getting a cup of tea as my first act of the day. It’s a great time to think about my day and plan it. Mornings have a wonderful bright light, and are a great time to reflect when the world is still soft, fuzzy and quiet.

    I’d love a second chance to win.

  4. Alison K


    I would like a second chance to win, please.

    My favourite tea moment is sitting on the couch with the local paper, the enclosed flyers & a nice cup of hot tea, dreaming of all the bargains I’m about to embark on! That’s my favorite tea moment 🙂

    Thank you for the opportunity.

  5. Flora M


    I would like a second chance to win please 🙂

    Whenever my granddaughter comes for a visit, we have a “tea moment” with cookies or muffins. She tells me about her days since our previous tea and we make plans for the next baking session or tea party. It is “our” time together and that is what makes it so special.

  6. Susan


    I would like a second chance to win!
    My favourite tea moment is the time I spent with my mother drinking tea and just talking and sharing memories. We used to do this with my grandmother before her death, and are now introducing the tea moments to my two nieces. A special time in all of our lives when we can slow down, savour the flavour of the tea, and make time for one another.

  7. Serena Debolt


    I would love a second chance to win! Entered my favorite tea moment on Travel To Wellness Facebook page. Thank you!

  8. Susan K


    I would like a second chance to win please. I posted my favorite tea moment on “Travel to Wellness” Facebook page, but every time I make or receive a mug of green tea, whatever sort, I get a peaceful feeling. I actually have lots of great tea moments. Another wonderful one is sharing the opening of a tea ball with my daughter. Her eyes light up every time, and she loves to see what the new ‘surprise’ looks like.

  9. Josee Blagdon


    I would like a second chance to win!, One of my fabvorite tea moments is when I get ready to watch Glee on tuesday nigths!

  10. Jen A


    I’ve entered he ea Moment and would love a second chance to win

    Thank you
    Best Regards

  11. Joyce L


    My tea moment is anytime in the middle of a hectic day, taking a moment to brew, breathe and take a sip of tea. What a great reminder it gives me to BE. HERE. NOW.

  12. Amanda


    I would like my second chance to win.

    My favourite tea moments are spent with my best friend and she lets me smell all her fresh tea and we discuss how we’ve spent our time and any problems we are having and of course some time to reminisce about the past too! 🙂

  13. Sylvia Reddom


    Tea time is anytime, anywhere, mostly in mugs, sometimes in fine china…preferred with milk, family & friends but also enjoyed alone, warmed up and many flavoured. From my grandmother’s kitchen to my mother’s table, friends round the fireplace, family at home, tea is the one drink that you can over indulge in and still drive home safely!

  14. laura d


    I would love a second chance to win. My favourite tea moment is late at night- with a cup of herbal tea and my favourite book.

  15. Rina


    I’d like a second change to win please! I’ve emailed my favourite tea moment already. Thanks!!

  16. julia


    My favourite tea moment is the first cup on the first cold day of the year.

    I would like a second chance to win please.

  17. Gail


    Second chance to win. My favorite tea moments were when my kids were all still at home & going to school, we are not “morning” people but would all start our day with a steaming cup of tea in perfect quiet harmony 🙂

  18. Reply

    I love tea and all kinds! This is an awesome product!

    My fav tea moment is every time I feel goosebumps every time I hold a mug or cup next to my body and I can feel immediate warmth. Even more so when it goes down to my tummy. It is healing and nourishing!

  19. Reply

    I would love a 2nd chance to win. I am a tea drinker only, never coffee. Tea is a gift from the God’s and allows relaxation, peace and harmony after the struggles of a hard day in this caotic world.

  20. Darlene Crowe



    I’d also like a 2nd chance to win.

    My favourite ‘Tea Moment’ is right now!
    I have the flu, and a bad cold. Simply holding a hot mug and breathing in the sweet, hot, aroma of tea makes me feel better. Also, the hot tea soothes my throat and takes away the chills.

    When you have lost your appetite, tasty tea is a healthy and welcome break. I also add fresh lemon, and it’s the only thing that stops my cough!

    WELLNESS to everyone in the New Year!


  21. Amanda


    I have been to facebook and shared my special tea memory. I would like a second chance to win,,

  22. Karen Wiggins


    I would like a second chance to win, please!

    I entered on Facebook.

    My favourite tea moments are from when I was a little girl. I would have tea with my Grandma just before bed, with a piece of toast spread with the raspberry jelly we had home-made together.

  23. pamela


    I would love a second chance to win (and surprisingly I am in bed with the flu again…lol)

  24. Charlotte Philp


    Hi Libre: I would love a second chance to win please. I sent an email to editor@traveltowellness.com with my favorite tea moment with my granddaughter who was being bullied at school. Thanks for your consideration.

  25. Kris Coghlan


    Merry Christmas – I would like a second chance to win. Nothing spells relaxation during the Holiday Season more than a great cup of tea!

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