We posted this last year and reading it again we still love it, so have decided to repost this year!

This piece is by my dad – written 4 years ago in celebration of Canada Day. He’s such a creative guy and a lovin spirit… so hope you enjoy

A Toast To Canada

Here’s to Canada, land of the free;

Daily life starts with coffee or tea

In winter we freeze; in summer we cook;

In April, the tax man throws us the book.

September is gorgeous, bug season has passed;

Lake water’s still warm and the sail’s up the mast.

For tennis and golf our weather’s divine;

On political guff, our friends still opine.

Here’s to Canada where discussion’s our style;

Guns and violence are not worth our while.

We argue, we listen, our points do come clear;

And mostly its done with mighty good cheer.

Here’s to Canada, our land that we praise;

May peace be among us for the rest of our days.

Our nation’s dynmaic, our people real smart;

Raise a glass to Canada, a land that has heart.

thanks dad for being canadian

i’m so grateful to live in this land of Canada.

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    I love it!!! Hope you had a great civic holiday recently, whatever they chose to call it in your province 😛 Here they called it BC day, and I drank lots of iced tea 🙂

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