so Libre tea is twittering – my! all the interesting comments and the uninteresting comments too:) – incredible educational experience.  have not yet tweeted too much just getting to know how it works and who’s listening. search for libretea to follow.

with twitter i am keeping keeping track of charity water – a fabulous organisation from New York that was provides clean and safe drinking water to people in developing nations – 100% of all proceeds go to the cause of building wells and they keep a great listing activities at charity:water.

look forward to adding funds over the next week to their cause through a Libre tea glass Mothers Day promotion. check back for the launch on Monday morning!! very exciting for me to launch this and help raise funds.

tea moments now are being tested – current plans are a lot to organise and in the midst so necessary to remember that tea moments exist.

its really the important stuff of life that helps me to remember that tea moments exist  …my dad’s 70th birthday … i arrived and surprised him from the other side of the country… and a good friend goes for a big operation so next on the agenda is keeping her distracted for the evening.

ahhh a tea moment anywhere, anytime … in the home town, or on the road

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