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Helena Zera is the creative Foundress of VYANA. A company blazing brightly with creativity including the HastaPada, Yoga Belt, Vedi*Vaahans (Altar your ride), Mantra MatMUdra’s, and the Energetic Chakra Silk Tapestry. Helena is a RYT Prana Flow ® senior teacher and grateful student of the global Yogini and Sacred Activist Shiva Rea .


 Altar your ride – Creating a “sacred space” amidst the outer chaotic world 


Long ago on a fateful trip to India I discovered Murtis. Here is the story of how they translated into VediVaahans. Each VediVaahan is a portable mini Murti and divine call to action.

They say when you go to India it is a life ‘alter”ing event. I agree most wholeheartedly.

The idea or seed for VediVaahan’s came to me during a fateful trip in 2006. 

As a newbie yogini I was infatuated with everything India – the culture, history, food, fashion, people, their rituals and also the Murtis (statues that evoke the divine through ancient parable and potent seeds of wisdom).  Murti’s were everywhere. I noticed them amidst the chaos and the serene. I saw them hanging from rickshaws and on altars, they were in homes, shops and temples. Each Murti has a story to tell within a parable so one can relate to its unique expression of the divine in physical form. As humans and seekers we are all on a quest of self discovery looking for the divine in physical form. To stop briefly and gaze upon a Murti allows one to observe, pause and know.

When back home in the states I kept reminiscing about the expansiveness of travel every time I sat in my car to go on another Yoga TT with my beloved Shiva Rea or head to a conference or workshop. As time moved forward my heart and memories continuously went back to those rickshaws and all the happy places in India where people cherished their reminder of the divine in everyday life. I thought wouldn’t it be amazing if we westerners could use this reflection of gazing at a physical form to assist with the hectic pace of life especially within the safety of an automobile where we spend much of our time.  And so, a hanging personal talisman was brought to fruition since it appealed to the yogic logic of “living yoga”.

I created VediVahaan’s as a reminder to calmly stay focused upon the horizon of your path, in reality and as a metaphor of distant dreams and far away travels. VediVaahan’s are a metaphor of your inner journey and destination when navigating life’s highways and byways. Each portable charm is intended to make an automobile feel like a “sacred space” amidst the outer chaotic world. 

We can choose to Turn down the Tempo within our Auto-Temple.

Its a simple way to shift and slow down the mind, learn how to unwind, and feel the calm within the RPM’s of a busy life passing.  Whether running errands or on a long trip, the destination is set and intention is always part of our inner GPS.

“Vedi” in Sanskrit means altar. “Vaahana” translates as vehicle.

To link them together creates a play with words that rings true.


ALTAR YOUR RIDE… Alter your journey

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My Vedi sets a peaceful pace—a sort of mental cruise control removing the fluctuations of the mind and focusing on the road ahead. On your sacred path and adventurous journey – hang with a Vedi and set your intention on the road ahead.  A “charm”ing reminder to live in the moment and set the destination on the Journey of a Lifetime.

“Originally crafted for your car; you can also hang one at home, by the window, on a doorknob, in the vestibule, on your altar, on the bus, on your purse, swinging from your jeans, on a wall, endlessly hanging out to bring luck to all who intersect within its path. 

After all You are who you hang with so hang with a Vedi”

Helena has graciously offered our readers the flower of life VediVaahan charm as a giveaway


Where will you Altar your ride this summer?

Share with us to be entered to win a Flower of Life VediVaahan charm!



Comments (9)

  1. Rhonda Osterhoudt


    I would gift this to my daughter, to display in her car. It’s beautiful!

  2. Lindsey Tanberg


    I would Altar my ride and drive to Bassi falls in the ElDorado National forest. I find an ethereal peace when hiking up there.

  3. Maryann D.


    I would Altar my ride on my way home from work and reflect on all that I accomplished during my day.

  4. Maamie


    I would love to ad this to my keychain and take it with me when I ride my Harley into the foothills to find peaceful spots to practice yoga. It would be amazing.

  5. jules m.


    i will altar my mind by driving down to the beach. the waves are so relaxing. I love that charm!

  6. Laura Lockhart


    I will altar my ride down to Port Dover Ontario where I will be doing some deep personal growth work. My old ride, 1999 Tercel better make it. 😉

  7. Stacey h


    I would aler my ride in my car. The majority of my driving is to and from work; which can be overwhelming.

  8. Ameirah Taha


    I would love to visit my mum down by the city. I have only seen her twice recently after being estranged 20 years as well as my mans dads family close to city on other side. We have never been there & would be fun! Thanks

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