Here it is, the winner of our Holiday Design Invitational – The Holiday Peace Dove designed by Kulov. To be sold during the holiday season of 2018! We are grateful for this inspired design.

Kulov is a creative professional whose real passions are culture and community. He has always successfully blended art and creativity with branding, marketing, public relations, event production and visual communications. Kulov is also the founder of the Tea Lovers Festival in Los Angeles, which was one of the very first in the U.S., running for a decade until 2016.

And the peace doves are great for year-round peaceful tea moments too. This chosen design was based on a wide range of customer and retailer feedback. The decision was very close between our 2 finalists.


A special thank you to other finalist, Tzaddi Gordon, for her inspiring ‘Energetic Connection’ design.


We truly appreciate the love, thought and time that went into these designs!


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