Sky over at Seeryus Mama has reviewed the Libre Tea glass & our organic Ming Mei Green Tea.

Lucid Quark Likes our Libre Tea glass a lot – read her review!

Monica from Girly Girl Giveaways has done a review of our Libre Tea glass.

Rick Chung, a Vancouver broadcast journalist is steeping tea with our Libre Tea Mug.

Read what Gail at Hungry Vegan said when she reviewed our Libre Tea glass.

My Springfield Mommy writes, “I recently discovered a great way to enjoy your loose tea on the go!”

Kathryn at Mommy Kat and Kids reviewed the Libre Tea Original and our Ming Mei Tea and loves how easy taking her tea out of the house has become.

Mama of 3 Munchkins says ‘This beautiful crafted Tea Glass is perfect for moms as it’s very light-weight and can fit in most handbags. It has a beautiful eye-catching design which makes it perfect for everyday use.”

Shannon from Smart Girl Review says ‘I carry my Libre Loose Leaf Tea Glass with me and take pleasure in a fine cup of tea while appreciating the splendid banter that naturally occurs amongst great friends!

Angela from Tea With Friends says, ‘I am happy to tell you about the new Libre Loose Leaf Tea Glass I just received and the unique way it works.’

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