Lori from Frugal Edmonton Mama says, “I really love the convenience of the filter system, inside the glass. This means that I can make a cup of tea and have it ready to go when the kids are in the morning.”

Kristy from Manager to Mom says, “ I LOVE my Libre glass’n poly Original tea glass! It’s gorgeous, leak-proof, non-toxic, portable and functions well.

Alicia from Fun Reviews & Giveaways has a Libre Tea Glass Large and says, “I use my Libre Tea Glass for soda and milk or koolaid! It works great for anything really.”

http://sweetpeasavings.com/Over at Sweet Pea Savings she says, I am really in love with how easy this is to use. You just add the tea to the bottle, fill it with hot water and replace the filter and the lid. Yes that’s it! It really is simple.”

Taste of August Jovana from Taste of August says, “I have been using the tea glass for a week now and love it. I love the fact that I can pour boiling water into my glass, grab it and run out the door in the mornings – no hot or boiling sensations felt!”

Angel from An Angel’s Kiss says this about her Libre Original, “This is genius … I have been wanting something like this for a long time.  If you love loose tea this is a must-have.  The design is gorgeous.  They certainly did not cut any corners in the looks department and this bad boy is so durable that it is hard to break.”

 photo  freebiesInMailbox_button_zps7afe884a.pngNaina from Freebies in Mailbox has a Libre glass’n poly Mug and says, “I liked the fact that Libre Tea Mug serves both purposes i.e it prepares and filters tea and it also works as a mug.”

BlendingFamilysBlogChristine from Blending Familys loves her Libre Mug for work, “I never leave the house without my Libre tea mug. I am so happy I have cut down on coffee and have been able to enjoy loose leaf in the mornings. I feel awake and know that I am making healthier choices.”

Kerrie from Family Food And Travel says, “Love tea.  It’s my favorite afternoon pick me up, or an evening cup of warmth.  As a tea lover, this busy mom loves the Libre Tea Infuser Mug.  I recently received one to try and I haven’t put it down since taking it out of the box.”



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