April is stress awareness month. With all the new beginnings in spring, it also brings along a few stresses too, such as new after school/work activities for the kids and yourself, spring cleaning and house maintenance, and of course spring also brings along more yard workย ๐Ÿ™‚

The best way to handle stress is to recognize it when it begins and learn stress relieving techniques or activities.

ekr quoteDe- stressing can come in many forms:

  • go for a walk in the park and breathe in the fresh spring air
  • take a book outside and read under a tree
  • watch a comedy, laughter is a great mood lifter.
  • deep breathing techniques, Yoga and/or meditation
  • start a flower or vegetable garden, which can be quite relaxing and grounding for some
  • grab a few friends for a game of bocce ball
  • share a tea moment or two with friends or with a favourite book or your journal
  • listening to your favourite music, turn it up and sing or dance alongย ๐Ÿ™‚

And the benefits are many – here are just a few ways a time out from stress can improve your health:

  • Lower your blood pressure
  • Improves your immune system, helping to fight against cold and flus
  • Lowers inflammation, helping with asthma & arthritis symptoms
  • Helps with irritable bowel syndrome symptoms
  • Aids the healing process
  • Reduces skin flare ups

salad water 3Relaxation can be anything that you enjoy that takes your mind away from your stressful situations.

ย What is your favourite way to de-stress?

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Comments (53)

  1. Laura K


    I like to watch a good movie; guess it’s kind of a distraction from stress; but the effects seem to last beyond the final credits, and I feel more relaxed.

  2. Erika Letson


    I make time to have a hot bath followed by a nice cup of tea and reading!

  3. Alexis


    I like to de-stress with a good cup of tea and a great movie on Netflix!

    Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Kris Coghlan


    My husband and I walk – we walk far and long – and we talk along the way.

  5. Brenda Alden


    Sometimes I truly struggle with stress and it can be very difficult for me to actually wind down and relax. A few things I find help me are walking, nature, photography, painting and always just sitting on the deck, sipping a tea and just taking in the world around me. Thankyou for the stress awareness. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. loriag


    I like to get down time with watching a movie. I also destress by praying. I like to go for a walk as well.

  7. andrea amy


    A hot bath, and a good book after the kids are in bed, or a hot cup of tea and Netflix (also after the kids are in bed)

  8. Pattarin Noonium


    I de-stress by coloring…in my son’s old coloring books. With crayons.

  9. April


    Allowing the emotions to come out and be felt. Sometimes crying is appropriate. Or “angry” music for a little while, though it’s not usually good to stay here all day. Ir is good to release.
    I super like aggressive nature hikes where I can talk to myself and God.
    A good show or movie to cry and or laugh is awesome too.

    When stressed I have a tendency to lose my appetite. Which moreover stresses me out that I’m not taking care of myself. Soooooo even a good healthy smoothie or tea can be a great pick me up emotionally and physically!!

  10. Laurie P


    A scenic bike ride on my own always helps me out! Sometimes I’ll find a quite spot to park and just enjoy the silence.

  11. Danielle G


    On a cold night – a warm bath with lavender scents. Or, on a warm night – a long walk.

  12. Maggie


    A hot cup of tea. Breathing in the steam, being quiet and sitting down for a few minutes makes me feel much better!

  13. Kat


    I find that exercise sometimes helps me de-stress – especially if I’m walking or running outside in spring/summer. There’s something about connecting with nature that has a different effect than exercising indoors.

  14. Sarah j


    I find playing with my dog always makes me laugh. I love taking her for a walk and throwing her frisbee for her. I can’t help but smile when she comes running full speed at me with a frisbee larger than her in her mouth!
    I also love curling up with hot lemon water or tea with a good book and a soft blanket.

  15. Debbie


    Deep breathing, and getting outside for some fresh air is a great help when trying to de-stress.

  16. Tanaya


    The way I de-stress is putting on some good music and cleaning the entire house. That way I keep my mind completely occupied and do something productive at the same time!

  17. Michele T


    I keep busy… Washing dishes, vacuuming, take a walk, quilt… Something I enjoy!

  18. Claudia Ellis


    April and May are always stressful months for our family as it is the end of the school year and there are many concerts and sports activities in these last weeks of school. I keep up by deliberately making time for myself to exercise (walking outside and going for a run) and also meal plan and precook for the week!

  19. Amanda Laurette


    I like to soak in a hot bath with Epsom salt and lavender. It helps me destress, and takes the tension out of my sore muscles.

  20. Melanie Cecchetto


    I get a glass of wine and watch baby videos of my children. It’s the best way to relax & bring a smile to my face !

  21. JenalynneRose


    I find that being with my dog is the best way to relax. Either taking him for a walking, cuddling with him, or just staring at him as he sleeps (sorry if that sounds creepy). Being with him calms my nerves. He always assures me that everything is going to be okay.

  22. heather


    I like to do two things. Make some tea and curl in my bed and read a book or make tie dye!

  23. Ginger Sparks


    I love using Reiki with Crystals and alway have a nice tea to drink helps calm me….

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