Kelley from Kelley’s Passion for Nutrition is taking her Libre Mug to Scotland! “We are going to be going to Scotland this summer and very excited to be traveling with my ECO Libre Tea Mug.  This will make our adventure so much more calming and relaxing!”

Kristen from Outnumbered 3 to 1 says, “The LibreTea Glass’n Poly Original is really pretty and modern looking.  It is very well made with a really modern streamlined style. “ 

Hayley from Hanging of the Wire says, ´The Libre Original is a unique and inspired tea gift.”

Melissa from Home Grown Families says the Libre “is great when you have tons of toddlers running around! Your tea stays hot on the inside, and the outside is cool to the touch- not to mention each Libre tea glass has a screw on cap(again great for moms!)!”

Chris from Bella so Savvy says, “Well, I am “turning over a new leaf” with a Large size Libre Tea cup that is so easy to use, has a cool look and is attractive.”

Minding Spot says, “Having a good mug of tea on the go can be very inconvenient, especially if you prefer loose tea leaves, compared to pre-packaged bags.  Thankfully, Libre has a fantastic mug created from poly, glass and stainless steel to keep you on your way”

Brittney from Brittleby’s Corner says, “I have to admit that I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Libre Original cup! It is so convenient to take with me on the go and so easy to use! I also love the way the loose leaf tea looks inside the glass.”

Jennifer from Sugar Pop Ribbons says, “I really like about the Libra Glass is that it has a filter inside of it. With the filter, you can easily use loose tea leaves and not have to worry the accidentally ingesting a tea leaf while you are enjoying your tea.”

Melanie from A Year of Jubilee Reviews loves that the Libre stays cool to the touch while the tea stays hot inside. “That is a plus for me with Littles running around and trying to grab my mugs and cups. “

Erin from Sason and Pobi says the Libre Tea glass “allows you to brew the perfect cup of tea without the use of a tea ball or strainer.”

Andrea from Andie’s Adventures loves her Libre and how easy it is to use!

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