Libre in 24 Hour VancouverSandra Rowland from 24 Hour Magazine has listed the Libre Tea glass (with Murchies blueberry green tea) as a Best Inner Beauty Buy.


My Milwaukee Mommy says, “I love being able to brew my tea on the go-it is fresh and still hot when I reach my destination and for a while after!

Jenna from Momma Told Me says, “I love my new Libre, and the freedom it allows for hot tea on the go, it’s perfect for my hectic lifestyle.”

Ellen from Confessions of an Over-worked Mom says she likes to relax at the end of the day, with nice hot herbal tea in her Libre. She looks forward to those few quiet uninterrupted moments.

At The Socialites Closet, Ellen says, “I had an absolutely amazing Matte Chai Latte in my Libre Tea Glass n Poly.”

Bonny from Quick Tattletails says – Any tea lovers out there? Here is a great new way to have your tea, with the Libre Glass ‘n Poly. Whether it’s regular black tea or herbal tea, it works great! This is great for the “Big Tea Lover.”

Living on one Income says, “Hubby gives it a 9/10.  He would recommend Libre Tea mugs to his friends.”

Dad of Divas says, “A really nice feature is there is lid so if you are taking your tea-to-go, you can keep it warm until you are ready to drink it.”

Pink Dandy Chatter says she missed out on so many great tea moments. But not now that she has a Libre Tea glass.

Sarahs Blog of Fun: Has a Libre Tea Review & says ‘If you are a true tea fan like me, this is a must have!!!’ 

Deb from Menopausal New Mom says the Libre tea glass “makes having that fresh cup of tea even easier”.

Allison from Gifted has ‘All the best gift ideas to help you give good gift’ including our Libre Large!

The Libre Large is part of the ‎”Tea Gang’” – The 1st #tea adventure is with Obubu Tea Sencha of the Earth steeped in the Libre Tea glass and supervised by Little Yellow Teapot!

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