Erin from For Him & My Family says this about her Libre, “You can take it with you and it stays nice and warm for hours.  I have used mine several times now and am in love with it.”

Measuring Flower T.J. from Measuring Flower gave Libre 5 Stars in her review! This is what she says, “Overall, I found the Libre tea glass to be a true necessity for anyone who is a regular loose leaf tea drinker. It would also make an excellent, unique gift for such a person.”

The Head Review Chef at The Review Stew The Review Stew
says Libre is, “versatile, easy to travel with and is perfect for any frequent tea drinker and tea lover!!”

Africa's Blog Africa from Africa’s Blog says, “I love it! It’s great for those rush mornings and I don’t have to worry about a tea bag in my mug.”

Roechelle from Hug a Tree with Me says, “I love the aesthetics of the glass, its design symbolizes tranquility and calm which instantly creates a sense of peace.“

Beth from Mom Does Reviews loves her Libre and says, ‘”It kept the tea warm all morning.”

 Julie from Emptynester Savings says, “I highly recommend Libre Tea on the go products for any tea lover or as a gift for a tea lover you may know, believe me, they with Thank you a hundred times over!”

Michelle from Powered by Mom says, “carry it in your backpack or purse and know you are only seconds away from a blissful tea moment.”

Susan over at Susan Heim on Parenting says, “The thermal bottle keeps your tea at just the right temperature but is cool to the touch. Put the lid back on and you have tea on the go! This product is ingenious!

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