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Kellen Brugman is an Ayurveda Lifestyle Coach, yoga teacher, and writer.She believes in the powers of self-care and unlimited possibility when it comes to health and creativity. It’s a daily process and lifelong adventure.


Autumn AyurAde® Antioxidant by Kellen Brugman

This AyurAde tonic reminds me of Michigan fall colors. I miss the maple trees bright palettes. So, this drink brings a little fall color to my Ojai subtle landscape. And, a lot of antioxidant love to my immune system.

Autumn AyurAde® Antioxidant

According to Ayurveda, vata dosha, which is prone to cold and dryness in autumn, is supported by warm, juicy drinks. This tonic is nourishing and calming; perfect for midday energy boost or a relaxing work break.

Make AyurAde tonic in the morning and tote your Libre along for after-work commute or post-yoga class snack.


+Antioxidant qualities of Ningxia Red and Rajas Cup support immune system.
+Ningxia Red’s 21 trace minerals + 18 amino acids +180 mg Vitamin C= nutritional support and enhanced energy
+A low sugar, high energy, whole food beverage
+Copaiba has anti-inflammatory and mood calming qualities
+Energy boost sans a caffeine heart surge or sugar crash
+Lemon and Ningxia Red support body’s detoxing organs – liver and kidney


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