Autumn officially starts this weekend. Which means it is time to begin Holiday planning (family gatherings, parties, dinners, gifts, and more) and ensuring that during this busy time we look after ourselves by including replenishing and rejuvenating mini-moments.

The holidays seem so far away but those weeks sneak up quickly and a great way to help these special events run smoothly is with planning. 

Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now.” ~ Alan Lakein

When you are ready to do some holiday planning make yourself a cup of tea, find a comfortable spot and take some time to enjoy a rejuvenating mini-moment.

Here are a few holiday planning ideas to get you started:  

  • Make a schedule for what needs to be done when and by whom for each event (home, office, school) – be sure to delegate to avoid being stressed and exhausted
  • FallBrowse through your recipes for you and your family’s favourite holiday dishes – what meals can be made ahead and frozen, plan potlucks to help share the work and cost, keep in mind special dietary needs of those invited
  • Make a Holiday Gift List – store bought, hand crafted, eco-friendly, action gifts (like a yoga, sports or cooking class) or gift certificates (for a massage or spa treatment, movie night, walk on the beach, dinner out, etc.)
  • Surf Holiday decorating sites and magazines for new ideas
  • Look through your knitting/crocheting patterns, on craft sites online and Youtube. Visit Yarn and Craft stores (in-store and online) for gift inspiration
  • Check out the links below for Holiday Planning ideas
  • Make the Holiday Card and Invitation Lists

Libre Tea glasses are perfect to enhance your planning mini-moments and, of course, make wonderful Thank You and Holiday gifts.

Share with us what Holiday activities you will be planning 
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Holiday Planning Ideas:
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Comments (19)

  1. Reply

    I knitting for the little people this Christmas. A person sure has to start early so they are not finishing their projects (knitting, baking etc.) Christmas eve. I’ve done that and don’t recommend it.
    I’m having a cup or tea now and enjoying it very much.

  2. Vilma Pacheco


    While enjoying my Libre, I’m starting my Christmas gift list as I have to have the gifts shipped to New Orleans where most of my family lives and where I’ll be spending the holidays.

  3. loriag


    I am thinking about Thanksgiving and how we can convince our son to come home for it. So I considering what will be on the menu already.
    I am thinking about Christmas and how we will celebrate Advent, what decorations I will use. Looking at ideas online.

  4. stacey h


    thanksgiving i am volunteering at a local shelter – for christmas i am planning on travelling

  5. Lynne Z


    I am hosting Thanksgiving dinner in my home this year, so there will be lots of scheduling and planning that will need to be done.

  6. Tannis W


    For Thanksgiving there will be a couple family gatherings to plan. And Christmas is not even on my radar yet… probably should be though! I guess I need to start making lists for what to buy for gifts for family and friends!

  7. Kris Coghlan


    Thanksgiving is my favourite time of year. Great food with family and friends with no added pressure of gifts to buy. Making lists always helps to make these meals go smoothly.

  8. Susan Walker


    I’ll be working, alongside a cup of tea, to fill boxes with one can each of the various preserves we made from our garden this summer. That is what we give out for Xmas gifts. Peach slices, our own raw honey, strawberry jam, salsa, pasta sauce,… Our family and friends love opening up some “jars of summer” on a cold winter day.

  9. ellen beck


    I am planning our Thanksgiving dinner and who all to have over. We were blessed this year with a bountiful harvest!

  10. Sarah


    I’ve started planning both my wedding and small gatherings for the fall with friends less fortunate, to share in the holiday spirit in to the new year.

  11. Christy


    We have a family wedding the first week of November that we are planning for – looking forward to having a new daughter-in-law for Thanksgiving

  12. CarolynH


    The holiday activities I will be planning are : making Fall napkin rings with my son for the dinner table, & manning my son’s class’s booth at the school Halloween Carnival. (atpoohro)

  13. Candace P


    We started a family tradition last year when our son was born, Grandparents Thanksgiving Nature Walk. We go to a nature preserve on a walk through the trails, it’s gorgeous with all the leaves, horses and lakes. Afterwards my husband cooks Thanksgiving dinner for everyone. He’s a great Chef!

  14. MJ Moore


    One of my best friends is getting married the same week of December as my daughter’s 5th birthday! I’m already planning a Nutcracker birthday party and wedding presents, thinking of outfits for myself…

  15. Tammy S


    I love this time of year…planning my christmas tea gift baskets already…gathering shopping goodies to accompany everyone’s fave flavors and likes ! Starting to handmake calendars and others items as well!

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