This year send your high school and/or college students back to school with a Libre Tea glass.students with Libres on campus
Your students are heading back to school soon – let them enjoy a relaxing tea moment to reduce scholastic stress.  Plus teas are so healthy, convenient and economical for students on campus – all they need to add is hot water!!
Did you know?…..
·       Black Teas have the caffeine needed to help students with their late night studying, but not as much as coffee & energy drinks that may leave them feeling jittery or anxious
·       Rooibos Teas are caffeine free with lots of vitamins and minerals, making it perfect for all ages
·       All teas are high in antioxidants to keep students healthy even when they don’t look after themselves… we know it happens 🙂
To read more about the health benefits of tea go here!
Send your scholar back with a healthy and convenient way to be ‘cool’ this fall.
Now til August 31 $5 off every Libre tea glass online purchase when you use this coupon code:

 '$5 Back to School' Coupon Code
Happy tea moments to you and yours these lovely long August days.

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