Happy Thanksgiving to American Libre lovers – ease into holiday!!

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The Holiday Season has officially started and life will be getting busier every day. Here at Libre we remind ourselves to step back, breathe and have a tea moment to rejuvenate our weary minds and bodies – we are delighted to be busy and grateful for tea moment breaks 🙂

For the holidays remembering the basics is key – so the list is not too long and overwhelming – what would you like your experience to be? Identify the essentials – It is a season of love and giving at the heart

An Aussie friend is a holiday expert! Nicole Keleher owner of Mychristmas.com.au has kindly shared her 20 simple tips for a beautiful Stress-Free Christmas – without the headaches and hassle.

Check out Nicole’s My 12 Days of Christmas Challenge – a great resource and Even includes ME time 🙂

A few more time savers and streamliners for the weeks before holiday:

  • Weekly meal plan – Plan your meals for a week in advance and make the grocery list at the same time. This takes away the ‘what will I make for supper tonight’ issue and you’ll know all ingredients are on hand. Missing an ingredient? Check out this ingredient substitution list
  • Make enough for leftovers
  • Every night ask family members to pick up and put away belongings
  • Take a picture of your gift list with your phone, so it will always be with you.
  • Delegate the chore list – it’s not gonna be perfect but it will get done and the family can all pitch in.
  • Make a tomorrow to do list – easy to track on your smart phone list
  • Before heading to bed spend a moment of gratitude for your day – take a breath and relax!

Share your time saving tips and how you enjoy the holidays to win a Libre Tea Glass of your choice!


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Comments (7)

  1. Amanda Alvarado


    I try to get all my shopping done before the holidays start! I enjoy the holidays by spending more time with family and friends. Sorry if this is a repeat. My first post isn’t showing up so not sure if it posted!

  2. loriag


    Planning is key for me to save time. That means meals and menu’s, combining trips to the store and getting help when needed.

  3. Reply

    I love the holidays but I save time and support my local economy by only shopping for gifts from local shops. That way a bigger portion of my money spent stays in my community. Shopping at local stores saves me time because they help me find what I want quickly and with a level of customer service you can’t get in big overwhelmed stores.

  4. Lisa Beech


    Do at least one load of laundry per day and make time to soak in a hot tub with mineral salts. So soothing especially with my favorite cup of tea.

  5. Laura K


    We really streamlined our gift giving by playing a game called dirty Santa; rather than buying more than 20 gifts, I now only have to buy two and the game is so much fun (e.g. you can “steal” a gift from someone who already got to choose a gift before your name is chosen.) To me, being together and enjoying a good meal and having a few laughs, and maybe even sing a song or two is what makes the holidays special.

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