New Age Mama

Laura from New Age Mama reviewed the Libre Garden Dance Pink, “I LOVE making my own drinks at home. Whether it’s smoothies, tea, or water infusions, it is so much easier (and more economical) to make your favorite drinks at home. Libre’s Infusers make life run smoother. I was amazed at how well made, strong,


Beck from Week99er enjoys tea on the go with her Libre Garden Pink glass infuser, “I love the 14 oz size of the tumbler, not only does it hold the perfect amount of tea and allow for a little space for honey, but it also still fits in a conventional brewer if you want to

The WiC Project

Miriam from the WiC Project reviewed the Libre Garden Pink, ” There are three ways to use the Libre Infuser: you can brew a hot tea or tisane with the leaves/herbs in the bottom, and the filter will prevent you from drinking the particulate—this makes it easy to refill if the mixture is one which can

Pausitive Living

Lilac from Pausitive Living reviewed the Libre MatchaGo glass infusers, “Just like the other Libre products, the MatchaGo Shakers are high-quality and decorated with a stylish floral design that is peaceful and in tune with Mother Nature.”

Luv Saving Money

Angie from Luv Saving Money has a couple different Libre glass infusers and uses them frequently. “I take my tea with me to work and always get comments on my tea glass. I’ve had people ask me to show them how it works too.”

Living a Sunshine Life

Mary from Living a Sunshine Life reviews the Libre MatchaGo and shares her chocolate Chip Muffin Recipe. “MatchaGo glasses are perfect to keep on hand for the power matcha drinker. They also make a fantastic gift for any or all of your friends who love matcha or have wanted to give it a try. “

Woven by Words

Mimi from Woven by Words has a Garden Dance Pink glass infuser. “This infuser is 14oz and while I don’t typically go for anything pink, there was just something so whimsical about this, I had to have it! If you want some lemon water, just pop a couple wedges into the glass and add your

Powered by Mom

Emily from Powered by Mom reviewed our Libre 14oz Black Brush glass infuser and had this to say: “I could not be more in love with these glasses. Is it possible to be in love with a glass? I don’t care because these are perfect. I actually feel I can get rid of most of

Coupon with Cents

Stephanie from Coupon with Cents loves her Libre and her Starburst glass, “We are on a mission to inspire more peace in our world, one tea moment at a time. – I love that motto, don’t you? Besides having an awesome product, this is just an all-around awesome company! I have been trying to drink

Susan Heim on Parenting

Susan from Susan Heim on Parenting uses her Libre glasses for all occasions; “You can also use your infuser as a shaker for nutritional shakes or simply to hold your juice or water. And I love the gorgeous designs of these infusers. 

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