The way we look at the world says so much about our own view of our abundance –
 to count our blessings is the quickest way to getting rich 🙂

abundanceWe are just over a week away from the Canadian Thanksgiving.  With all the wonderful summer sunshine and fall rain we can celebrate the fall harvest. With pumpkins, squash, apples, sweet potatoes and so much more we have been blessed with abundance.

There is so much to be thankful for – we each count our blessings in our own way – what’s important and has the most meaning for us  – maybe it is our family, friends, health, food on the table, a roof over head, heat, electricity, and the air that we breathe…

To really feel the love and abundance in our lives it is important to take the time to recognize all that we have … and that’s the perfect ‘tea moment’ – checking in and acknowledging all that we have and the many ways we are supported.

And if we have extra feeling of abundance its great to send love and light to those who have so much less

For the everyday, an attitude of generosity as we approach our day can make our lives and those around us a lighter a brighter – let your light shine – share your abundant view.

Lets count our own blessings and fill up our consciousness with abundant thoughts and then we can share and spread our light.

With the colder weather approaching, it is a great time to think of those less fortunate then us – we can help by going through our closets and finding clothes or blankets we don’t need and giving them to organizations who will distribute them.

A smile or hello can make all the difference to someone on the street or a child – showing that you see them and they are important enough in this world for you to acknowledge.

Enjoy a quiet tea moment and think about what abundances you will celebrate this week?

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  1. Gary Barclay


    Good weather, vegetables from the garden, and music from vinyl on my restored turntable.

  2. Lori Sexton Leal


    I will celebrate my son who is the light of my life and together we will celebrate the changing leaves and the beauty of the Fall season. I will also celebrate with my daily cup of tea…my favorite way to start each day! 🙂

  3. Jolyne Dunn


    Our great-granddaughter (born 5 weeks prematurely) is almost ready to leave her incubator and move to a “big girl” bed (an open air crib)!!! She will soon be coming home.

    A blessing indeed.

  4. loriag


    I will celebrate one more year that I have had with my husband. Everyday a gift. I almost lost him 2 years ago, and I am mindful always of the miracle he is.

  5. Ashley M


    I will celebrate my wedding anniversary with a beautiful hike to see the stunning leaves as they change color, followed by our weekly tea night by the pier.

  6. Aprul Patterson


    Last year after 21 years of marriage we were able to buy our first home for our family. We have 12 children and renting with that many children is no fun.
    I am so thankful that my husband has a job and all of our children and happy and healthy.
    I am a huge tea drinker and I know that helps me to cope with the stress of daily life.

  7. Casey S


    I’ll be celebrating by soaking up every moment I have with my 5 1/2 month old daughter, watching her reach new milestones, and waking up with a big smile every morning. I’ll also be remembering my mother, who lost her battle to cervical cancer one year ago on October 14. This month for me is bittersweet because although my mother is no longer in pain, I miss her every day and wish she could hold the granddaughter she didn’t get the chance to meet.

  8. Monica Nerney


    I will celebrate will all of my family this year, we have to share one of our daughters with her husbands family. We will have a lovely gluten and dairy free meal and spend the day enjoying grandchildren.

  9. Rachael


    I will celebrate everything…even the less good things, as there’s usually a lesson to be learned.

  10. leslie twining


    Looking forward to have family visit for the week. There will be many laughs and hugs

  11. Amy C.


    I will appreciate my family, our good heath, my husband’s good job and our freedoms.

  12. Laura K


    I celebrate each and every day I wake up and can get up, whether I have a bad day, a good day, awesome to be alive, relatively healthy, most of the time happy; Time is marching on, sometimes seems like racing, but I celebrate still having my aged parents alive (Dad is 80 today!); I celebrate new babies born in our family (another one due in November); I was never blessed with children of my own, but I celebrate and love my “fur” babies; I’m thankful for the roof over my head and food on my plate and good friends to share it and life with as often as possible.

  13. Ashtar


    I am celebrating holding a juicing workshop on an organic farm using all fresh organic produce and making halloween cobwebs wich sticks & wool!

  14. MonaG


    I celebrate and feel grateful for my blessings every day. I have a wonderful family and our good health.

    Thanks 🙂

    • libretea


      Congratulations Emma, you are our Celebrate Fall Abundance Winner!

      Please email your address and telephone number to and we’ll send you your Lively Leaves glass.

  15. Nora Edmiston-Harlos


    I will be celebrating that my husband has gone thru his stem cell transplant and is doing amazingly

  16. Julie M.


    I have been quite ill for the last month and I’m finally feeling better, so I’ll be celebrating my health with my family for Thanksgiving!

  17. Andrea Amy


    Today we celebrated our 4th child’s 6th birthday. All 5 of my son’s were here, including my oldest son who has moved out and doesn’t visit very often. It was nice to have everyone here for dinner.

  18. Vernon E. Warner Jr


    As I sit and drink my tea I usually think on family and what things I can do to make their life better.

  19. Susan O'Bryant


    I will celebrate having a good job, a great husband, and a comfortable home.

  20. Terri Cole


    We are celebrating my husband’s new job! His first October employed in 5 years!

  21. Mary Bearden


    I would have to say that I really enjoy the fall weather because it is finally not so humid here in Georgia and their are no pollen allergies!

    Otherwise, I am very thankful for my husband and my beautiful Yorkie named Charlie who never leaves my side. Sometimes, it does get rather comical as I can’t even go to the bathroom! He follows me EVERYWHERE!

    But, it’s done with love, so I appreciate it because he is my companion when my husband is at work, so we are a comical twosome at best.

  22. Sunnymay


    I am grateful to my family for all of our camping and hiking trips. Whenever I need a lift, I search for the nearest park and take a hike and savor being in nature. My kids all have caught the outdoor “bug” and are active adults. We like to leave footsteps only and take our trash out, so the bins aren’t overflowing. My mom and dad maintained part of the Buckeye Trail for 30 years, so the sense of stewardship is passed on.

  23. Maryann D.


    I will celebrate and be happy for a wonderful family, friends a job and a home. I do love the fall also!

  24. Wanda


    I am thankful for two wonderful teenaged boys, our families continued health and esp. that my mom is cancer free after having surgery for breast cancer 5 years ago. As well this week we will be celebrating our 19th wedding anniversary.

  25. Melinda L.


    A lovely harvest from our garden this year, a loving family, a sweet boyfriend, great health and a steady job.

  26. Vilma Pacheco


    Give thanks each and every day for the abundance that we enjoy in our lives. Food on the table, a place ti live, family, friends and healh.

  27. Amanda Olson-Laurette


    My son and I will be painting pumpkins today, and decorating out front steps to celebrate the season. We are enjoying time together outside in this amazing weather. :-

  28. sherry blamer


    I will be celebrating my one year wedding anniversary with my loving husband this weekend. the end of this month I will be celebrating my lovely daughters third birthday.

  29. Dee Schwark


    I am celebrating the abundances this week that are near and dear to my heart. My son, daughter and my dog, Lily. As I’m getting older, I see less of my kids as they are living their lives….as they should. I am so grateful for the time they make for me…I am very blessed.

  30. Charmaine


    I am celebrating hosting talks promoting health, well being, organic produce and products, what is really in our food and water and helping to raise funds for organisations like Greenpeace – lots of tea needed!

  31. B.F.


    Time with family & friends for Thanksgiving this Sunday….Plus a few little donations to the local food band:)

  32. Valarie Lee Gentry


    My daughter and I will enjoy our tea together while enjoying each other’s company and silently thanking god for his graces to allow us to do so.

  33. Megan


    This beautiful land that holds us all, my sweet, funny family, and brand new tiny life just starting :-). And, definitely for tea – to get through these queasy mornings. 😉

  34. Dawn


    I will celebrate being at a place in my life where I am finally learning the meaning of happiness. Now that I have taken control of my life, I am able to see the abundances in my life and show appreciation.

  35. Kris Coghlan


    I am celebrating a healthy family, great friends and a truly wonderful husband.

  36. Marygrace


    That I am able to work part time and contribute to my family. My children and their good health & spirits. My nieces that I babysit and bring fun and laughter into our lives. My husband who is a good man, husband and father, I don’t know what I would do without him.

  37. Reply

    With our Libre Glass in hand we enjoy a marvelous cup of Pumpkin Passion rooibos while gazing out at Quest Mountain with its ever changing fall canvas of color! Happy Thanksgiving one and all!

  38. natalie weeks


    We have an abundance of birthdays to celebrate each fall &I am looking forward to having my bed back since my son will be turning 5 in just a couple of weeks =)

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