Happy Birthday Buddha! Buddha’s birthday is celebrated at various times throughout the world. In most East Asian countries it is celebrated on the 8th day of the 4th month in the Chinese lunar calendar. In Taiwan it’s celebrated on the second Sunday in May. In Japan, Hong Kong, Macau and South Korea it’s celebrated on April 8th of the Gregorian calendar. This date falls from the end of April to the end of May in the Gregorian calendar – this year it is May 17th.

The story goes that Buddha received enlightenment, after 6 years of extreme austerity, living with inadequate food and water, was brought a bowl of milk porridge by a young maiden named Sujata. This offering led to a major enlightenment realising that without food one can do nothing. You must nourish the body, mind and spirit.

Drink your tea slowly

Tea is a wonderful way to nourish your body and soul. When combined with meditation is a great way to connect and become more aware of yourself, and mindful of your life and all that is around you.

Tea legends assert that Monks often used tea in their meditation practice to ward off sleep during their meditation – Green teas were known for this role. In the twelfth century and later in Japan, Matcha tea (a powdered shade-grown green tea) was used for the same purposes. It became very popular and this is when the Japanese Tea Ceremony first began.

The tea ritual allows us to slow down, to focus, to open up to a broader view of our lives and feel more grateful for the miracle of our existence, whether you have tea alone or with a spouse or a friend, the ceremony is more important than the tea because it is a time you set aside to break free, to listen, to reflect, and to enjoy a simple, inexpensive, gracious act.” ~~Alexandra Stoddard

Enjoy your cup of serenity and settle your being daily with a tea moment.

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Comments (31)

  1. n.cassandra smith


    I’m going to either make my mom a homemade card (even though I’m in my 30s) or get her some pansies which are her favorite.

  2. Reply

    My mother is no longer here so I don’t really have any plans. My daughter lives in another city and as far as I know they aren’t planning on coming over. I guess it will just be my husband and I. We may go out to eat or go to his Mother’s and take her out to eat. I always give her a bagful of Body Washes from Bath & Body Works along with lotions and hand soaps in their awesome scents.

  3. Kat Wishard


    I will be making my mother and an elderly friend of the family a special breakfast including all of their favorite dishes, thanks for sharing, Kat

  4. Teresa Thompson


    My mom is an avid gardener and I plan on buying her flowers for her garden and taking her to lunch.

  5. Vilma Pacheco


    My mother is 90 years old, lives in another city but she enjoys tea, so I plan to send her a basket of assorted teas and a bouquet of roses (her favorites) in red, yellow and white.

  6. cece


    Spending it with my daughter and her gift to me is a tea day and spending the day in the garden <3

  7. Carrie Phelps


    For Mother’s Day my daughter is taking me to a painting class where I will make a painting for my Mom.

  8. Suzie B


    I’m not making my mom anything – just a card and a day with her to SHOW her how much she means to me!

  9. Cynthia Teer


    My family will let me sleep in. Thank you, thank you. Then my hubby will take them out fishing or something like that(have 2 boys , 8 & 14). Then bring me a nice lunch home, so I don’t need to cook. What more could a Mother want. Oh to win this sweepstakes would be sweet too.

  10. chelesa sims


    i plan out give her a bonquet of flowers and give her spa card and take her out to lunch

  11. Karol


    A nice relaxing dinner so she doesn’t have to cook on Mother’s Day.

  12. Kim Barrett


    We’re taking a trip to see my Mum. I hope she lets us in her kitchen to cook her a meal!

  13. Lynne Z


    My Mom lives far away, but I will send her flowers and of course will be calling to wish her a Happy Mother’s Day

  14. Leann L


    I am not making anything. I always get my mom a dozen roses & I’m surprising my mil with her favorite cake.

  15. Vita


    Making my mother crepes for breakfast and probably go out for a movie or spend some time outside in the evening. Wishing all the mothers a Happy Mother’s Day in advance!

  16. J. C.


    I’m not quite in touch with my mother any more but my mother-in-law will likely get a brunch at her favourite restaurant as well well as her computer fixed. (Planned on fixing the computer to begin with but I’ll be doing it on the same day as the brunch.)

  17. Heidi C.


    My mom doesn’t live close by but I will be sending her flowers this year!

  18. Roxy


    My mom left when I was young but I’ll be sending my Dad flowers and a Mr. Mom card 🙂 He loves it!

  19. J Pickett


    My sister and I are having a BBQ for our mum for Mother’s Day. I will be making roasted red potatoes, a spring mix salad with homemade cilantro lime dressing and a dessert (though I will probably cheat on the dessert and buy a pie at the bakery!). Dessert, of course, will be served with a cup of Chinese black tea, with half and half. A tradition in our family when having dessert. Thanks.

  20. Reply

    I’m fortunate enough to have two wonderful mothers to celebrate this Mother’s Day… my mother and of course also the mother of our wonderful 4½ daughter. My daughter and I selected flowers that will be delivered just before Mother’s Day for both of them.

    More important than gifts of flowers, jewelry, candy or whatever… I believe the best gift (ladies you can tell me if I’m wrong) is the gift of BOTH quality time spent out with your loved ones, and ALSO the gift of ME TIME to be used however they wish, during which time they are not allowed to lift a finger.

    To facilitate both mothers, we’ll celebrate one on Saturday and one on Sunday. 🙂

    Happy Mother’s Day!

  21. stacey h


    my mom lives in another city, i will call her and send her a really nice card with a GC someplace great

  22. Sydney D


    We are going out for a dinner together, and I’ve giving her some starbucks gift cards. 🙂

  23. Anne hill


    We are going to Sunday brunch this year and will have tex mex food!

  24. simone


    I will be making up a breakfast casserole and taking over one of my flower teas to enjoy its presentation. Love my momma!

  25. Bo


    My mom doesn’t live close by – otherwise I would be making her brunch! Instead I’m sending her a box of chocolates and a card.

  26. Marci


    We will be making her brunch. We will also be giving her a laptop. She feels so left out when all of her family and friends are on Facebook and she hears about everything 2nd hand. She is going to be so surprised!

  27. Marygrace


    Since my mom passed away 2 yrs ago, i try to do her favorite things (they are my fave things also; go figure) as a remembrance, like going to the beach, doing Sunday puzzle, some reading & then going for a bite to eat. And finish day with a cup of tea. Happy Mothers Day

  28. Erin


    My daughter and I will be making a handprint flower painting for my mom!

  29. Renata


    I’m making her a handmade card straight from the heart – a scrapbook of sorts of all our beautiful memories arranged in many pictures and loving thoughts! Thank you so much and wishing you all a Happy Mother’s Day!

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