We are in the midst of the holiday season, celebrating with friends, family and coworkers. The time is flying by with all the activities and gatherings to go to.

Are still looking for that perfect potluck dish or last minute appetizers?

appetizersHere are a few of our favourite recipes:


There are always a few people we forget to add to our gift list – teachers, favourite postman, neighbour, coach, etc.

Here are a few last minute gift ideas for them:

chirstmas photoLibre Tea Glasses – they make perfect Hostess Gifts– and stocking stuffers πŸ™‚

Hot Chocolate Mix

DIY Herbal Tea Mix

Pair a Libre tea glass with your Herbal Tea and/or Hot Chocolates Mixes for a perfect gift combination.

We have great prices on Libre 6pc Gift Paks to keep you stocked up for all your holiday giving!


What’s your favourite appetizer to share when
celebrating with friends?

Share with us for a chance to win a Libre Tea Glass of your choice!



Libre Black BrushChristmas Order Deadline: December 15th!

Libre Tea Glasses wanted for Christmas should be ordered on or before December 15th, 2014!

Orders after that date may not arrive in time.

Comments (41)

  1. Ashtar


    Home-made cinnamon & chocolate biscuits with Christmas spiced chocolates and lavender coffee – idyl beverage for a Libre flask or mug? If I win one I will try it out : )
    I would like to wish everyone a very merry Christmas & a happy & health New Year! Please send some thoughts & healing out to those who need it at this time of year
    Many thanks xxx

  2. Raine


    Freshly made grape leaves with homemade Tzatziki sauce and lemon pepper hummus with roasted red tomatoes with warm pita.

  3. Anne Taylor


    We love to make crab stuffed mushroom caps and scallops wrapped in bacon are always a hit!

  4. Alana Vester


    My favorite appetizer to serve is a cheese ball that my Dad makes. It tastes amazing!

  5. Amanda Alvarado


    He baby makes an awesome avocado dip with cream cheese, salsa and fresh avocados! It’s a hit everywhere we take it and there’s never any left!

  6. heidi c.


    One of my favourite apps is endive leaves with smoked salmon, creme tranche and capers. Simple, light but so yummy!

  7. Emily Solis


    I love making pico de gallo and sharing it with my family/friends: serranos, lime, cilantro, red onions, roma tomatoes, salt and of course chips to eat it with. It takes a while to make but it is ALWAYS worth it! πŸ™‚

  8. Carol Trochelman


    I like having a crockpot full of meatballs cooked in chili sauce and grape jelly. This is so good and a big hit every time I have served it. I also like serving little mini quiche.

  9. Becca Z


    My fave is olive tapenade, ripe green and ripe black olives, some roasted red peppers, some olive oil, oregano and dill in the food processor, serve it with crackers or bread.

  10. Marygrace Monteleone


    Roasted garlic in olive oil, after roasting sprinkle on some feta, serve with crackers or sliced baguette, to soak up oil & cheese – so so yummy. Happy Noshing!

  11. Michael Moreno


    Bacon-wrapped asparagus are simple to make, and are a hit with family and friends.

  12. Kris Coghlan


    Spinach Dip – can only make when I know people are coming over – I’ve been known to eat the whole thing myself.

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