cora-with-libre-croppedCora Wen, Founder of Yoga Bloom, a 300-hour advanced yoga teacher training, is an international specialist in yoga therapy. She teaches throughout Asia, Canada and the United States.

Her style of the funky fusion of humor, anatomy and Chinese meridian magic, helps students explore asana like no one else, opening to the beauty in the imperfect and the acceptance of change in body, mind and spirit.

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Chanting Practice with Cora Wen


What is my go-to practice for nurture, healing and inspiration? It’s chanting, and I’ve been doing it all my life. My upbringing in Hong Kong was not the traditional temple-laden childhood of Asia. The deities of business and wealth seemed to have their grip on most of my fellow citizens, including my own family. I was fortunate to be introduced to Mantra very young, listening to monks chant the repetitive tones of Shurangama.

Chanting with Lola 

During my final years of high school and early college, my Mother moved to the Arizona desert, and I became interested in the native people of my adopted country. Hiking along the border of Mexico with them, I learned of their ancient traditions, especially the “Songs” that were traded amongst them for difficult times and life passages.

Early in my yoga journey, I had the privilege of experiencing Savasana to the live chanting of Krishna Das. One of my mentors, Senior Iyengar Teacher Patricia Walden, shared her love for chant and her belief that it has the power to heal the empty spots in our hearts. In talks with Patricia over the years, I admitted my fear and dislike of my own voice. That I had never been able to hold the high notes of a female soprano that were the norm… That my voice felt more guttural and comfortable with the monotony and low timber of Buddhist chanting… Her instruction was very clear: “The sounds have power. Learn them and chant them. Your voice has nothing to do with it. The sound will heal you and bring your practice to yourself.”

Meditation for a lovely evening and chanting practice for peace

Join Cora in a moment of silence to remember and honor peace on the planet.


And the sounds do heal. They’ve changed my life and my practice. They’ve brought me hOMe to myself.


Have you tried chanting? Share a chanting moment that has resonated with you or if you would like to add chanting to your daily routine, for a chance to win a Libre 14oz Garden Pink Infuser! 



Comments (10)

  1. Laura


    I have never chanted before, however after reading this and watching the videos, I am looking forward to trying it.

  2. Kim


    I have never tried chanting and like Cora I’m not a fan of my voice. I see that that is an easy obstacle to overcome if you are open to this. I also like that she includes humor in her lifestyle, I think that’s very important. I’m definitely going to work this into my routine, this was very interesting and new. Thank you!

  3. Casandra


    I have done, and loved, chanting with yoga asanas to help balance the chakra systems. I love these videos by Cora and I will definitely be incorporating my chanting into my daily life. Thank you for sharing!

  4. David


    I have never tried chanting and I do not believe I would do it. I do meditate on ocassion but it’s silent

  5. Vilma Pacheco


    I have never tried chanting but I’m willing to give a try to see if it works for me.

  6. Jessica


    I have never tried chanting. I do deep breathing which could possibly sound like I am chanting as I do it very loudly and with every movement. I like this though as it provides another focal point and I think would help me with my intentions and getting to my daily goals!

  7. Claudia ellis


    I’ve not tried chanting before but I really like the idea of it. I love how so many rituals and customs of old are being rediscovered. Native Americans chanted and they were a lot wiser than we are nowadays. Will do more research on this and give it a try!

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