With winter’s shorter days and all the rain and/or snow it can be difficult to stay upbeat and cheerful. Some days I’d like to hibernate like a bear. So what do we do to keep our spirits lifted? How about a creative change with inspiring and pretty fruit infused water – berries remind us of spring.

IMG_3389Fruit infused water is easy to make and a low sugar alternative – Just prepare your favourite fruits and herbs, add water and let steep for approximately 2 hours. Give a little shake and enjoy!

Tips for making Berry Infused Water:

  • Steep the berries for 1-2 hours at room temperature or in the fridge for 3-4 hours
  • Fruit infused water should be drunk the same day if not refrigerated. If it is refrigerated it will keep 3-4 days
  • Cold or room temperature water is best. Hot water may destroy the healthy benefits of the fruit infusion.
  • Use filtered water for purest taste
  • Organic Fruits and Vegetables are the best, alternately you can peel the skin off the fruit or wash with a vinegar water solution.


Fruit infused water not only looks lovely but is full of nutrients too!

IMG_3359Fruit and Herb Pairing Suggestions:

  • Blueberries (Vitamin K and C, Manganese) and Raspberries (Vitamins C, K, E and Folate)
  • Cranberries (Vitamins C, K, E and Copper) and Mint (Vitamin C, Manganese and Copper)
  • Strawberry (Manganese and vitamin C) and Basil (vitamins A and C)
  • Blackberries (Vitamin C, E and Fiber) and Oranges ( Vitamins C, A and Calcium)
  • Boysenberries (Vitamins K, A and Folate) and Lime (Vitamin C , Calcium and Iron)
  • Strawberries (Vitamin C, B6 and Magnesium) and Jalapenos (Vitamin B6, B2 and B3)


Add your favourite tea (green, chamomile, black) to your berry infusion for a delightful refreshing treat.


What new fruit infusion would you like to try?

Share your ideas with us for a chance to win a Libre Tea glass!


Comments (33)

  1. Amy C.


    These fruit combinations sound wonderful…especially in the dead of winter with this awful weather we’ve been having. I think a combination of peach raspberry would be yummy.

  2. sally john


    I want to cut this boredom and dullness out and this fusion of fruits with tea is a good idea. I m a tea drinker and my usual cuppa is a sweet and spice blends. Bringing the fruitiness to my tea will bring out the cheerful part of me and I can think of spring and the blossoms. Thank Libre.

  3. Cassandra Eastman


    I’d love to try a citrus infusion with lemon, lime, orange and grapefruit!

  4. Gina Gallagher


    I would like to try an infusion of Pears and Cilantro and also Grapefruit and Parsley.

  5. cynthia


    Green tea with Cranberries and Mint sounds awesome! I have to save this post. Love the combinations!

  6. Claudia Ellis


    Love water with fruit but have only tried it with lemon/lime/orange and mint. I was thinking about maybe kiwi and strawberry? I love the blueberry/raspberry suggestion too!

  7. Casey Sandusky


    Blackberry+orange, and boysenberry+lime both sound pretty awesome! I’ve been doing fruit-infused water lately, but hadn’t thought to incorporate tea! :O

  8. Ashley M Hines


    1. Pomegranite & blueberry with 1/4 stick cinnamon
    2. A classic! Honeydew Melon & Cucumber…add a tsp of lemon zest to wake you up!
    3. Lavander (fresh picked and rinsed) and lemon

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