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Decide to Thrive: Choose Nourishing over Numbing


I’m passionate about ridiculously simple, research-based tools that support us to thrive. One of my favorite rituals and tools is my NOURISH CARD, aka my “when life sucks list”.

Every day we humans (yes all of us) come up against uncomfortable moments, vulnerable human moments. We’re stretching ourselves in new ways, venturing into new territory, or perhaps having a ‘triggering’ experience (you know, one of those darn growth opportunities!). Sometimes it’s big, but often so small and so subtle we don’t even notice it.

Running on automatic pilot we are wired to move away from the discomfort, so we often subconsciously choose to numb ourselves out, distract ourselves, take the edge off…  Glass of wine, surfing on Netflix, numbing out on social media, ‘comforting’ ourselves with chips or chocolate, new shoes…

Numbing takes you down in a negative spiral, away from the discomfort. Nourishing lifts you up, it gives you the loving support and capacity to move through the discomfort, rather than run away from it.

When I discovered this I made a list:




What are some loving nourishing things you can do for yourself when you’re feeling vulnerable, overwhelmed, or jonesing to numb out a bit?

A few ideas:

Here’s what my NOURISH CARD looks like

Here’s what my NOURISH CARD looks like.

Nature: get outside, look up at the sky, feel the wind on your face

Movement: a walk, a little yoga, dancing

Create: writing, doodling, painting, baking, knitting

Music: turn it on, make some music, sing along

Tea: put on the kettle, savour a tea moment

Connect: call a close friend, get a hug from a loved one


If you’re curious to learn more about the science behind numbing, nourishing, and why actually making yourself a ‘Nourish Me Card’ matters – learn more at


tanis-nourish-bookWhile you’re there sign up to receive my new Nourish PLAYbook. We will dive into more depth and walk you through the WHY and HOW of creating and using your very own NOURISH CARD. I’m thrilled to share this with you! 




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  1. loriag


    I have two top items on my nourish card, talking my fears out with my husband and praying about them.

  2. Laura


    take a bath, read my bible, drink tea, get hugs, coloring in an inspiration coloring book, and listen to music

    • Reply

      What a great line-up of nourishing options Laura – thanks for sharing. While colouring and baths aren’t on my card they’re definitely favorites of mine too. Inspiring.

  3. Elizabeth pergande


    I like to read a book while listening to music. If I can find some quite time to read I feel so much better.

    • Reply

      Love this Elizabeth, there’s something powerful about dropping into a good story isn’t there? Thanks for sharing.

    • Reply

      Oh I love it – can’t really go wrong with that as an option. It’s brilliant too how you’ve combined being nourished by nature and totally occupying your brain with a task so it can churn on anything else. I’m taking notes. 😉

  4. Reply

    I LOVE this! Mine are: Dance, sip tea, sit in the sun, swing, sing, and stretch. I doodled it out and water colored a reminder to put up on my desk!

  5. Sarah D


    Tickle fights with kids are great in my house. I’m starting to enjoy the tea one. And a walk in nature always helps. Babies are great too. I don’t usually get to play with a baby but hanging out with one tonight reminded me how great it is. And moms of babies usually appreciate someone to enjoy some time with their child.

    • Reply

      That’s a good looking list Leah! Amazing how those furry friends can list our spirits 🙂 Thanks for sharing and keep on nourishing you.

  6. Lauri


    Meditation, play outside in my yard, go for a walk, read an inspiring book, hugs from my husband, children and our pets. Music that makes me emote, play dodge ball.

  7. Reply

    Coffee shop writing dates; walking and photographing in nature with my favorite furry friend, kobi; post-processing photos in Photoshop. Oh yes, hugs whenever I can get them.

  8. Casandra


    Dance, Yoga, Breathe, Playtime with the kids, Soak in Bath, and Sipping Tea while Reading a Great Book.

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