Guest Post by Glenda C.

My son is 5 and will be turning 6 at Christmas. So every day I keep hearing will Santa bring me this or that. But with his Birthday 9 days before Christmas he gets more than enough toys. 

So this year I am having him make the gifts he needs to give and David and I are only buying one toy for Christmas and one for his Birthday. 

The money we would normally spend is being used to purchase items to take into the local Nursing Homes for the patients as no one should be without at Christmas.

Then we will also be adopting a family to give back to and I am hoping we can find one we can meet as I would like for Charlie to deliver the gifts himself and see how others live. I want him to do this each year as it is better to give than to receive. 

We are also putting together Care Packages for the Soldiers with Christmas Cards that we purchased and took up to his school for the children to sign and we will take them and drop them into the mail as I  want him to become aware of what all they do for us. 

If you are sick and tired of Christmas being to commercial then Please take the time and help someone around you. Make cookies for the Fireman and Policeman.

Glenda, Charlie and David

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