Interconnection is the foundation of Libre and so we give as we can.  Here are opportunities.  Succes in the future will be the freedom to give ever growing support to issues needing our care and attention. 

Of course for a great cup of tea – water is so important. When Wateraid provides a community with ongoing and sustainable access to clean water and sanitation the net cost per person is $30. Over twenty five years (WaterAid projects will continue for the life of a community) the average cost to provide water per day is per day $0.0033. For 2c (the lowest amount raised per click) this equates to 6 days access to clean water and sanitation.  click here to provide clean water for 6 days.


knowing that we have all sorts of capacity this another favourite place to give: 10 cents represents the daily interest that Grameen pays to finance $400 that it then lends to a poor borrower. Thus 10 cents a day can maintain a $400 loan for someone to start their own business and lift themselves out of poverty. Your click will raise at least 2c, enough to finance approximately $100 of that loan today.   this click can finance economic independence for a day

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