We are starting the New Year with new intentions to make 2015 the best year yet! When we create our intentions we need to connect with our inner self for our true desires.

Taking time to think about what inspires you, what do you desire, what are the changes you’d like to make and WHY. The why is important; are the changes for you or someone else, will they make you happier and healthier, will you be more financially secure, will they evolve the inner you for the better?

Our beliefs and values must line up with our goals or we will not have the tenacity needed to stick with them. 
Rosalind Y. Tompkins is a spiritual Life Coach

How do we do this? For starters, we can use our tea moments to pause and reflect over these questions. Make a list of intentions and rate them with the most important as #1. Contemplate how much effort you are willing to make these intentions a reality. You may even find that your want to change the rating of some intentions, And then after reflection – look at your notes and reflect one more time to see if they still ring true. Remember we have a whole year ahead of us and a thoughtful, mindful start will serve us well for an over all direction!


Share with us how you connect with your inner self
when making self-improvement decisions for a chance to win
a Libre 9oz Black Brush tea glass.


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  1. Tammy hedden


    By making time for me its a short time but it is quality time a good book a hot bath a nice cup of tea r n r

  2. KittyPride


    Deep breathing and meditating is my way of connecting with my inner self. I like to do it outside or by an open window to enjoy the fresh air. Have a very happy ease filled New Year!

  3. janie


    I sit quietly,breath sip my tea in one of my favorite teapots with my dog right beside me

  4. Madelaine


    I walk alone along the beach or off-path in the woods to truly connect with my inner self. Occasionally (or more often than not), climbing trees is involved! I always have a mug of tea to accompany my escapade.

  5. robyn donnelly


    I always found that driving around or walking helped me. Also reading or doing art in any form is relaxing too.

  6. Marie Drewitt


    I listen to soft music in a warm room illuminated with candles. I concentrate on my breathing and search for my inner light. Once I have connected I actively listen to what I want and need.

  7. Gary Barclay


    A walk in Nature improves clarity of thought and offers the occasional epiphany.

  8. Brenda Witherspoon-Bedard


    I do by relaxing with a cup of tea while listening to music with nature sounds

  9. Dee Schwark


    I take time to breathe deeply and meditate. After I’ve regrouped, I enjoy a nice cup of tea.

  10. Ellen


    I like to journal to connect with myself and work through the decision making process

  11. chelesa sims


    I take an hour out of the day after kids go to sleep and think about what is important to me and make a list of goals

  12. n.cassandra smith


    I started running last year and I’ve noticed that running helps me to clear my mind and make whatever is bothering me not matter as much so my brain can work on the problem while my body is working on keeping me healthy.

  13. Alayne Langford


    I am dealing with chronic pain on almost a daily basis. My tea is used for feeling better, with just the right amount of caffeine, and also to give me that boost I need to get up and start my day. I like to reflect with a hot cup of tea and whenever I have a very bad day, the first thing my husband brings me is tea, no questions asked. Just having it beside me makes me feel good. I need to feel better so that I can spend more quality time with my 2 new grandchildren. What more could you ask for? Thank you for your lovely products!

  14. Susie Wilkinson


    I go for a long drive with my favourite music. I find that my thoughts move on when I’m moving rather than standing still, and I can talk to myself as much as I want, and no-one else can hear!

  15. jules m.


    whenever i have a big decision to make about my life, I always take a walk in nature- usually on the beach since I live nearby. It never fails to bring things into perspective.

  16. Terri Cole


    I like to set intentions each month on the New Moon. I take some time to think about what the last month has given me, both positive and negative. I then focus on what I want from the month to come.

    My intention for January was to practice a moment of conscious gratitude each day. By doing this, I am starting the New Year not with unrealistic expectations, but with a greater understanding of my blessings.

  17. Christine Paine


    I wake up a little earlier than everyone else so I have quiet time to stretch and practice deep breathing.

  18. Amy Stewart


    I love outdoor activities and working out. When I’m doing those things I am in tune with my body and mind and experience more clarity.

  19. stacey h


    either i take a stroll outdoors, or i take a nap to wake up refreshed. i think better with a fresh mind; so either fresh air or sleep.

  20. loriag


    Prayer is a big factor in connecting with my inner self and making self improvement decisions.

  21. stacy hancock


    I seem to do best when reading. I’m also going to try flotation therapy soon, very excited about that.

  22. Becca Z


    I am extremely analytical and always in my own head, pretty much connected with myself. When I want to focus on self-improvements or changes, I usually go to our local state park, it is on the Gulf of Mexico, and soak in nature to help slow down my analyzing and make it more purposeful.

  23. Reply

    The best way for me to find time to think is to find a swingset at the park and swing until my head is clear. Yes, even at age 44!

    • Laura K


      hey, some of my best thinkin’ has been done while I was swingin’ lol wish we had a park with a swingset around here 🙁 close as I can get is a rocking chair on the front porch, just not the same though…

  24. Claudia Ellis


    i found that I can think more clearly after working out and/or taking a long walk outside! It also helps me to talk about difficult subjects with my husband when we are walking together!

  25. Bruce


    I lose myself in doing something I love, like working on my car. My mind is clear and at peace and I always gain a better perspective on things.

  26. Reply

    Taking time each day to pause in silence, breathe deeply, and express gratitude for all there is to be thankful for.

  27. sally john


    For me communication helps, so just a normal chat relieves me off my negative thought and make a clear passage for me to work towards my self improvement.

  28. Mary Bearden


    I love to read and can be caught doing that day or night. Especially late after everyone else has gone to bed and I heat up my tea kettle and settle in for a cup or two of a decaf tea while reading some juicy novel!

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