Tea is a wonderful medium for exchange and cultivation of relationships and community. The ‘Three Cups of Tea’ book author Greg Mortenson used this ancient cultural proverb below as a way to wend into the hearts and minds of  Afghani communities as he raised funds and built schools to educate girls – against traditional philosophies there. He has helped build more than 65 schools in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

cups of teaAnd back here at home, often a tea moment between friends is one of the sweetest and most nourishing times we can spend. With our schedules and family activities we may not make the time we once did for cultivating love in our closest community – our support systems. Sharing time and experience is a wonderful way to cultivate more love in your world.

And as within so without – so more love in your world is ultimately more love in our world.

So cultivate love in your life – make a conscious effort – with your BFF, neighbour or community group – share, be kind and speak from your heart. For love to grow and flow it needs to circulate – be receptive – listen deeply and practice your inner smile. Your community and our world will thank-you and appreciate your conscious cultivation of love in your life and in our world.

So who you gonna call…. 🙂 share a tea moment with your community – the closest and beyond! If they’re not close enough to do it in person, connect virtually.

This week, share with us your intention to cultivate love – and let us know who you gonna call… and be entered for a chance to win – 2 Libre mugs – one for you and one for your tea moment buddy.


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  1. Cheryl Hubenthal


    My tea buddy no longer lives in the same town as I do. But, we like to have tea time (complete with freshly-baked scones) “together” as we chat on the phone and share our friendship across the miles.

  2. Pelee Farmer


    My 8 year old is just beginning to enjoy a small cup of tea here and there. We make it weak, with lots of milk, but he just loves our time together sipping and talking. We’d love a couple of Libre mugs to try some loose leaf teas.

  3. Vilma Pacheco


    I offered my best friend a cup of tea one afternoon when she came over and I was preparing a cup for me. She enjoyed it so much that we now make it our time to bond several times per week to try different flavors and are hoping to win those Libre Mugs to drink loose leaf teas.

  4. Kris Coghlan


    With our busy lives, sometimes it is hard to make time to visit with friends. I’m going to phone a friend I haven’t seen for months and catch up.

  5. Nicky


    I’m going to have a nice chat with my mom, and invite her over for a cuppa tea.

  6. Melissa Alvarado


    It is a long standing tradition that my best friend and I enjoy tea whenever we get together. We get each other tea related gifts on our birthdays. Pretty mugs, tea cozy’s, unusual and unique tea’s in a lovely box, etc. It gives us something in common that we both enjoy!

  7. Virginia Sigsworth


    The first thing that happens when a friend comes over is to put the kettle on for tea!

  8. Christine Topley


    My friend lives too far away for us to have tea together anymore. She is my 2nd rock (Hubby is the 1st) and my go to person whenever I need to hear a friendly voice, shoulder to cry on or just to talk girl talk. We can spend hours on the phone and when we do we enjoy a nice cup of tea. Just like old times!

  9. Reply

    I haven’t been feeling well due to illness the past couple of weeks but I hope to visit one of my good friends who also just bought a house up the street from me once I’m better so we can finally be able to cook a few health meals we’ve been planning on and chat over a nice cup of tea 🙂

  10. Peri Migrant


    My heart is always filled with happiness when the female Zen Master, Yeo San Sunim, living in a Buddhist Temple in San Francisco, California, sends photographs of 2 traditional Korean tea cups and pot, via Facebook, inviting me to have green tea with her 🙂

  11. Leslie B


    I would share my cup with my co-worker she is quite the tea drinker like me.

  12. Marie Drewitt


    My best friend turned me on to the wonderful world of loose leaf tea! And Libre. Though we both have busy lives we always make time for a spot of tea. I think I will be calling her in the morning to arrange tea time.

  13. Susan O'Bryant


    I’ll share a cup of tea with my co-worker. Not only are we on the same team, we are also close friends. It takes much of the drudgery out of work when you can turn around and talk to one of your favorite people!

  14. Suzie


    Ive lost contact with someone who used to be my best friend – she has been on my mind often lately and I really should reach out and rekindle that friendship as it was once so dear

  15. Charmaine


    I very much enjoy sharing a pot of tea with my sister. Things have not always been easy between us (not so uncommon for sisters!) but things always seem easier over a cup of tea. If we win the lovely Libre mugs then we are going to take our special bonding time together outside and walk in the forest, on the beach etc, to connect more to our environment as well as each other. Who ever wins the mugs I hope it brings you and your special person moments to treasure forever.

  16. Megan M


    I’m going to call my mom! My infant daughter brings smiles and joy to everyone she encounters, and most definitely has helped us all to cultivate our love – for one another, for her, and for our family.

  17. loriag


    My son’s are my tea buddies, and two of them are living else where. We still can skype and thankfully I will see one this week. WE will definitely have a tea moment together. I have also been missing a friend from back west, I am going to give him a call and grab a cuppa!

  18. Julie


    Trying to find some tea buddies. But mostly it is my husband and my dogs. My mom doesn’t drink tea as much anymore. But she feeds my tea addiction by finding teas she knows I will like and get it for me. She will serve tea at her house if she knows I am coming.

  19. Andria CM


    I’m going to share a cup with my mom and my grandmother – 3 generations together for a nice chat 🙂

  20. Jennifer P


    I’m going to share a tea moment with my mum. She is who introduced me to tea when I didn’t like cocoa as a breakfast drink and she wanted me to have something hot. I’ve been drinking it ever since.

  21. Lizette P


    I will cultivate love for the children with Cerebral Palsy and always give my support… Make them undestand that “Life has no limits”
    I will call my dear friend, Liz, who is also a mother like me who has a child with CP. that with a cup of tea…and times together everything will be alright <3

  22. Karine


    I would share it with my friend, we had tough days and this would be perfect.

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