Moms we know how busy you are at the end of the school season with all the field trips, graduation ceremonies and looking for that special something to give teachers:  classroom, choir, band, drama, sports, tutors and the list goes on! This year you can one-stop-shop with Libre for Teachers and Dads!

Dad and Teacher Appreciation Sale

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Teachers will love our go anywhere tea infuser! It can keep their morning tea HOT and afternoon fruit’n herb water COLD – just one wash keeps it flavour fresh for the next beverage anytime throughout the day. Libre glasses are the perfect fit for car cupholders; pop on the lid for carrying in backpacks, purses or yoga bags.

The Libre Mug has a large handle to hold and is perfect for Dad’s relaxing tea moments. He does so much for us, let’s give him something to enjoy on his well-deserved breaks! And did you know that all Libre tea glasses are thermal hot and COLD!! We’ve heard some Dads even love to kick back with a cold beer in their Mug.

Lime and Mint Fresno Iced Tea
Juice of 2 limes
1 sliced lime
3 table spoons of loose leaf green tea (3-4 bags)
10 fresh mint leaves
10 tbsp of coconut sugar or other healthy sweetener (optional)
4 cup of boiling water

Brew tea in boiling water. Crush mint leaves with the juice of 2 limes and sugar and pour the brewing tea over it in a pitcher and add the sliced lime. Serve cold in a Libre glass and enjoy! (Recipe by Catherine Rochette)

Leah - tea moment

And throughout those busy days ahead – take a time out – we all need one – to stop, breathe and enjoy your peaceful tea moment. Take the time to rejuvenate your soul and body –


Share with us your Father’s Day plans – we won’t tell 🙂 

for a chance to win a Libre Mug for the Dad in your family!


Comments (22)

  1. andrea amy


    No big plans. My husband works weekends. The boys will give them some things they made and I have a print of the boys that I blew up and had professionally framed that I am giving him, plus if we can find a sitter I will take him out for dinner and a movie (although that might not be on actual Father’s Day, but sometime in June)

  2. Amanda Alvarado


    We will probably take my dad out to eat for breakfast/lunch and then go to my in laws for a BBQ in the evening!

  3. loriag


    Father’s Day will be filled with geocaching, a fine meal, and some relaxation. ,

  4. Vilma Pacheco


    Just remembering, going to church and bringing flowers to the cemetery.

  5. Noreen


    My husband is running an ultra marathon on Father’s Day so we will be cheering him on all day. Since Sunday will be spent watching him run, we will spoil him on Saturday.

  6. Myrna Ingram


    On Father’s Day I will spend time with my family and be grateful for my son in law who is a great husband, father, grandfather and a great “Son”.

  7. Laura K


    My dad is the most amazing man I’ve ever known or probably will ever know: After mom suffered a heart attack last year and then life threatening complications during open heart surgery, he has been her main caregiver; hardly leaving her side except to feed his cows, or sneak in a small break to go fishing. Never imaged my dad, a big burly farmer, would step into the role of nurse, cook, attendant and more. Mom, and all of us are so lucky to have him. he is 81 years old and I hope we have many, many more years with him!

    • Laura K


      oh, left out what we will be doing; we’re planning to have a little cook out; maybe at the river, so dad will probably sneak off with his fishing pole 🙂

  8. Robyn L


    we’ll be in Calgary, Ab. visiting my sister and her family(both brothers and hubby will be there). Probably a brunch will be had for the Dads and us.

  9. Michael Moreno


    While my dad is no longer physically here with us, it’s the memories I cherish the most, and that last forever.

  10. Anita


    Get together at my parents for a big Italian supper with my pops as the guest of honour.

  11. amy tolley


    we are planning a Chinese dinner for my hubby he loves Chinese !! then cake and ice cream and presents and just spending time together as a family!!!

  12. joanna reed


    We are planning a homemade dinner for daddy and then dessert and game time..We will also be giving him the cards we each made for him! 🙂

  13. Carolyn W.


    my daughter will be with her dad, and I will be with mine – I am taking my dad (and step-mother) out for brunch.

  14. ikkinlala


    No big plans as my dad is in a different province. I’ll definitely call him, though.

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