Libre glass'n poly mug


Healthy Holistic Living gave the Libre Tea Mug 4 stars, “4 stars. I really like Libre tea, they have a great product and the company goes above and beyond to consider the health of their consumers as well as Mother Earth.”

Today's Woman Community

Rose from Today’s Woman Review & Giveaway says, “The simplistic clarity of the Libre tea glasses shows the natural beauty of a true cup of tea.”

Coupons and Friends


Jennifer from Coupon and Friends says, “This is a great find for tea lovers. It makes using those great loose leaf teas so much easier!”


Tea Lover Terri from Eco Crazy Mom says, “As a tea lover who’s relatively new to discovering the joys of loose leaf tea, I was absolutely thrilled to discover a practical way to drink loose leaf tea on the go!”

Libre Tea glass is one of Jennifer Galardi’s favourites! httpv://

Maggie from Black Dog Asana is loving her Libre Tea Glass. She says, “We’re completely sold on Libre Tea Glasses – their system is quick and simple, and it works like a charm.”

Deborah from Scattered Musings of a Creative Mind tried out the Libre Mug. “Make your loved one happy this holiday season and order them a Libre Tea glass or mug today.”

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