taylor(5x7)Super-mom Taylor Wells from Best Life Ever talks about her Libre Tea glass.

Marissa from Hip and Healthy Kids says Libre Tea glasses makes a stylish, healthy and eco-friendly way to brew a cup of tea.  


Robin from inspired by Savannah says, “Ever since receiving the Libre Loose Leaf On the Go Tea Mug, I find myself drinking more and more tea, as opposed to coffee, which is great.”

DragonFly Sweetnest loves her Libre Large saying, “During my moments of wrapping the many gifts, that have to be done, the Libre tea glass has been my go to item for my tea.”

Dee, over at Frugal Shopping says, “I am very happy to have an stylish way to drink my loose leaf tea on the go. These make great gifts for people who love to drink tea.”

Sweet Southern Lovin

Michelle from Sweet Southern Lovin says, “With the Libre Travel Tea Glass Infuser I can have my loose tea whenever I want, wherever I want.

Nicole from Make Life Special says, “The mug works great!  I’ve taken it with me to yoga, while driving around town running errands, and at my desk working on blog posts.”

Kayla from I Love Giveaways says, “The glass itself is stunning. I really love that Libre Tea put some serious effort into making their glass look just as amazing as it is functional.”

Becky from Week 99er says this about the Libre Mug, “Not only is it the perfect size for smaller tea drinks, but the handle makes it perfect for grab and go situations.


Mary from Plum Crazy about Coupons says, “With the Libre tea Glass Travel Infuser, you put tea leaves of your choice in the strainer or directly inside. The tea leaves get strained as you drink it, giving you that fresh tea flavor without the mess.”

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