The benefits of making your own iced tea are numerous.

Making your own iced tea at home in glass infusers is not only healthy for you but also healthier for the environment.

  • Freshly brewed tea has more antioxidants
  • You control the sweetener -quantity and type (sugar, honey, etc.)
  • You can use good quality, fresh, organic, tea
  • Add your own fruits – lemon, lime, berries, mango
  • Add your own herbs, mint, ginger, chamomile, lavender
  • No throw-away containers
  • it’s preservative-free and pesticide-free
  • no vehicle air pollution

Cold brew iced tea increases the intricacies of the flavour and delicacies of the tea and herbs (with less bitterness)!

iced tea trio

To make your own iced tea:

  • 1-1.5x the amount of your preferred tea per serving (eg 2 tea bags and)
  • add fruit and/or herbs as desired
  • 12oz water room temperature water per 14oz Libre (filtered water for best results) and steep in the fridge for a minimum of two hours to overnight
  • Add preferred sweetener (if any) and gently stir
  • Add 2-3 ice cubes for the ‘iced’ tea sensation


Ahhh…a delicious and nutritious iced tea moment!


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