This year Easter and Earth Day are only a few days apart. Both alerting us to the importance of renewal and rebirth. The earth has a limited supply of water, food and other renewable resources. How are we approaching it differently to ‘save the earth’? And in the process generate a ‘new you’ with new earth friendly habits – knowing we are all connected and every action counts!

Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can. – Arthur Ashe

Ways to make a difference:

  • Support our local farmers by shopping for fresh produce at the Farmer’s Marketsrecycle leaves earth
  • Grow some of your own vegetables in your garden, window boxes, or balconies
  • Pay attention to how much water you use (instead of dumping left over water down the drain use it to water a plant)
  • Reuse whenever possible -Visit your local second hand shop before heading over to buy brand new.
  • Walk or ride your bike to work, school and anywhere you can – better for your health and better for the earth
  • Recycle whenever you can – tinfoil, plastic bags and pop bottles, pop cans, cardboard, paper towels, napkins and Kleenex
  • Compost as much as possible – tea leafs, coffee grounds, vegetable peels, leftover pasta, rice and vegetables


Help… and you will make a huge impact in the life of the street, the town, the country, and our planet. If only one out of four of each one hundred of you choose to help on any given day, in any given cause– incredible things will happen in the world you live in. ~ Tom Hanks – “The Power of Four

Give us your new idea for sustaining Mother Earth for a chance to win a Libre of your choice!


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  1. stacy hancock


    Get involved in your community, and those around you- see what areas may benefit and have interest in establishing a community garden. Most really are interested in or have a need for fresh produce grown in their own neighborhood- and it can be a great way to foster a better sense of community, love for the neighborhood, better health, I’d even guess a reduction in crime could be possible.

  2. Sam


    Get involved with your local government, see if there are programs available to get the ball rolling for large-scale community clean ups and green education in schools.

  3. mechele johnson


    Switch to reusable cloth wherever possible. Cloth paper towels, cloth diapers, etc….Another good idea is joining a food buying co-op. There are many sprouting up in all areas. Even my rural area has one. Everyone puts money in on large orders of healthy products such as a whole, organic, grain fed local beef. It is then split up by whatever you ordered. Large bulk orders of local vegetables are of course popular as well.

  4. ameirah


    Bring reuseable shopping bags & reuseable fruit/ veggie bags as well. There’s too much plastic..

  5. Rachel Dawson


    I want my kids to grow up knowing the importance of the preservation of our Mother Earth. We grow a lot of the foods we eat, we recycle, try to use the least amount of electricity, we compost, we use reusable products for a number of things in our household, and we try to continuously learn new ways to leave less of a carbon footprint.

  6. Reply

    I really like to take advantage of my bicycle in the summer I can get my own health in tune with the environment while getting where I need to be. I also use rainwater collection to fuel my garden. It’s great to have the stored extra while others are on a limited water usage from the city.

  7. RJ


    Turn off lights when not in a room and unplug appliances not in use… like phone chargers, microwaves etc, don’t just think that because you hit the power button that standby is the same as off!

  8. Maryann D.


    Try to reuse lots of products or clothing in your home and turn them into another useful product to get years of more use instead of throwing it out. Or at least donate the items to other who can use them.

  9. Kris Coghlan


    Think twice about what you are buying. If people stopped buying the coffee in little plastic containers that the new machines use it wouldn’t be long before they find another way to do things.

  10. Melissa Zahora Alvarado


    Support solar energy, recycling, gardening and sign petitions to help all of the above in this country and abroad!

  11. Reply

    changing the urban laws to allow for eco-housing everywhre, homes, apartments, condos, etc. : sun panels on the roof for heat & warm water, food gardens in both front & backyards, laundry lines, composting etc.

  12. Nancy


    Put solar panels on your home for electric and geothermal for heat to reduce your carbon footprint. It really works!

  13. Olivia Rubin


    If it doesn’t run..I don’t sort the laundry..just put it all together. Use standing pet water for the plants and pick up dog poop

  14. Lori Leal


    I love to repurpose furniture! Instead of throwing out the old and buyin new, I prefer to add a coat of paint or touch up older items-from shelves to bookcases- to add a new touch to items in my home without being wasteful and to be thrifty! 🙂

  15. Patricia Fondrin


    It’s a little thing, but I’ve started reusing the little plastic tags that close bread and bun bags to label electric cords. Now I know which one charges my camera and which one charges my phone. 🙂

  16. Suzanne


    We plant your own organic garden. We are still eating our own squash at least halfway through the winter.

  17. Raine


    I have 5 cats and I love asking stores if I can have their cardboard displays when they are done, some of them are very sturdy with lots of levels. I will alter them to make them more fun with holes and hanging toys. This way they’re already getting recycled once in a way, my cats can go crazy and when it’s worn out I cut it up and recycle it and then they get a new different style. Everyone is happy- my cats, me, and the environment!

  18. Marie Drewitt


    Using fabric napkins and real silverware is what I do for my work lunches…it also makes me feel like I matter and helps me to feel good which affects my interaction with others!

  19. Vernon E. Warner Jr.


    I try not to use any disposables and recycle and compost everything I can. Grow my own vegs, herbs and some fruits.

  20. Terri Cole


    Going vegan probably has been the one thing that has reduced my carbon foot print the most. And since I just eat plants, ALL of my foods scraps are composted.

  21. Duane Twining


    The best thing we can do to sustain the earth is to reduce the amount of waste heat generated by all industrial activities, including electricity production. The easiest way to do that is to rid ourselves of any electrical heating devices (furnaces, stoves, etc.). Electricity is produced by using heat to turn water into steam and spin a turbine (gas turbines may use the exhaust gas directly). 45-67% of the heat produced is lost and exits the plant either as steam, hot gas, or hot water. Electricity has to be put on the grid and transmission losses can be up to 5%. If you use a direct heating fuel at the source of the need for heat, you can get 80-98% of the heat from the fuel source.

  22. Leann


    Planting a garden as well as using reusable shopping bags & recycling the ones we do have.

  23. Gary Barclay


    Cultivate an organic garden and use non-toxic cleaning products at home.

  24. Leslie


    I hang my clothes to dry instead of using the dryer and I use cold water only in my wash, I aslo keep the temperature down in the winter and just wear sweater .

  25. Amanda Alvarado


    We use reusable items…shopping bags, etc. We also repurpose items like old tshirts and socks for cleaning rags. We use natural cleaners and bath and body items. We also started a small garden this year and are using organic soils to grow.

  26. stacey h


    i am conscious of packaging when purchasing goods – if it seems that the product is ‘overpackaged’ i won’t purchase.
    i also but local produce and goods when possible.

  27. Nicky


    establish a tool share program in your neighbourhood, so that people can borrow tools and equipment instead of everyone purchasing their own (then having to throw them out when they break).

  28. Emily N.


    I think we should focus on sharing with others more so there will be less waste. Whenever I have too much of something I try to find someone to give it to rather than throwing it away.

  29. Cynthia


    We have been recycling almost everything for the last 20 years. We separate everything into different trash cans that we keep in the garage. When they fill up we take them to the recycling center.

  30. Jodi


    Our goal has been simply to consume less overall. Take up less resources and resuse or repurpose when we can. We also try to be used before we buy new!

  31. Kona Lynn Sankey


    Don’t forget to show the children! Children learn what they live. If they learn to reduce, reuse, recycle, upcycle, and innovate they will continue to do so.

    Also – nostalgia bomb
    “The more you know, ’cause knowledge is power!”

  32. Heidi C.


    We try to turn off or unplug any energy-drainer not currently in use. We also recycle, re-use and grow whatever we can!

  33. Jennifer P


    Try to buy things with the least amount of packaging and think before you buy something whether it’s something you really need. Is there something you already have at home that you can upcycle/ repurpose? It would be nice if the barter system wouldd take off and become more of a viable option. it would also be nice if we could have neighbourhood exchanges where you could go swap items. Buying local is also important as it not only helps the local community but lessens the carbon footprint.

  34. Lisa Beech


    Composting and recycling have been a way of life since my four boys were infants (1994! wow I’m getting old). Using reusable, glass water bottles, buying local produce, canning fresh foods and growing organic produce. We are always looking for ways to conserve. Love your products and your ethos.

  35. kaye newman


    Invest in buying a compost. It will save you money and help the environment. We have one and we compost almost everything. Also plant a garden. We have one and composting is the single most important thing you can give your garden soil.

  36. Jennifer


    we recycle things like water… the beginning and end of your shower/dishwashing into a 5gal bucket and use it to fill the washer, the dehumidifier water to flush the toilet… etc…

  37. B,F.


    There are so many good ideas here. To think of a new idea is very difficult. There is so much that needs to be done. One thing should be that the oceans need to be cleaned of all the plastics and netting plus other garbage that is floating out there. The various world wise cruise ships and others should not be allowed to dump their waste into the oceans. There should also be ships that clean up the current debris from the areas where it pools up at the various ocean points – it does not come to shore but remains trapped in the current just moving around. Look at all the junk that they have run across while searching for that missing plane. If there is that much garbage out there that is in big enough sections to be mistaken for a plane than it should be cleaned up.

  38. Charmaine


    I plan to organise talks and work shops on water preservation, sustainable energy, living off grid, health and life style. We all have a responsibility, not only to each other but our beautiful planet. Not just for us now but for future generations, our decisions now effect the future, we must care, for the sake of our children and others. I will also be doing talks on animal welfare, endangered species and how we can help. The first will be on the beautiful honey bee, vital to all life and in serious decline. The next talk will be on animal communication through telepathy, we must think of the animals of this planet and rectify our actions before anymore species become extinct because of our greed.

    Love, light and blessings to you all.

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