This week most fall activities will begin; sports, dance, art, PTA, book clubs, yoga, and many others. While figuring out our fall routines, Libre wants to inspire you to remember to schedule in ‘you’ time mini-moments.

Activity and rest are two vital aspects of life.To find a balance in them is a skill in itself.
Wisdom is knowing when to have rest, when to have activity, and how much of each to have.
Finding them in each other – activity in rest and rest in activity – is the ultimate freedom.”
 Sri Sri Ravi Shankar,

Make time for your mini-moments with these time saving ideas:Time Saving Idea

  • Get your favourite calendar and mark the dates for your activities from now to Dec. (sport practices, PTA, book club, yoga class, etc.). Add important dates such as birthdays, anniversaries, date nights….)
  • You might prefer a 2nd calendar just for kid activities, events, report/exam dates and a few age appropriate chores to help lighten your load.
  • Help your mornings run smoothly so you can get out the door on time by putting together lunches and set out clothing the night before.
  • Easy for your kids… make sandwiches ahead and freeze individually in labeled containers.  Wash and cut up veggies for quick on the go snacks.
  • Easy in the morning…Have a spot by the front door where keys, cell phones, sun glasses, school bags, and briefcases can be set and picked up on the way in or out the door.
  • On the way to bed, have each family pick up their belongings throughout the house and put them in their room
  • Make use of your slow cooker and come home to a healthy home-cooked ready to serve meal.

LibreTea glasses fit perfectly into any routine whether at home, office or on-the-go and are a great way to encourage yourself to stop for a tea moment!

Share your time saving ideas for a chance to win a Libre tea mug!

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  1. loriag


    I use 10 minute tidies allot around my house to keep up on the clutter and to just keep organized. It makes the whole clean up routine much easier. Getting others involved really makes this go well.

  2. Rachel E


    I make my son get out everything that he will need the next day the night before. I also make sure that all lunches are packed the night before. This way he is up, dressed and out the door in no time at all.

  3. Reply

    I really need to put time savers into my routine as we are usually running for the school bus – however, I have always had a hook in the inside of the closet where I always hang my keys so I don’t have to hunt for them except the one time I didn’t see them, hunted high and low only to discover they were where they were suppose to be< LOL!

  4. Vilma Pacheco


    When I’m having dinner guests I prep my ingredients the night before so that the next day, all I do is put my dishes together and cook, bake or chill them. Saving a lot of work.

  5. Karol


    I actually do some of the mini time savers you recommend, like making lunch the night before and using a crockpot to have dinner ready. I also will get clothes ready the night before if I have something important to do the next day or a special occasion. When having people over for dinner or a get together, I will set the table and prep food the night before, and get the music/Ipod songs ready.

  6. Gracie


    I babysit at home so i get kids little stuff ready nite before; diaper bag packed, snacks individually packed for grab & go. I set out games, toys, coloring night before also. Then i fall into bed!!!

  7. stacey h


    on sundays i prep all the food and plan out outfits for the week. it saves a lot of time in the mornings when everything has been preplanned

  8. Wanda


    Cooking extra food the night before to be used for sandwiches or lunch the next day. For example grilled chicken for dinner then make chicken sandwiches for lunch the next day.
    I also often use the crockpot. A little extra work the night before with prep…in the morning I put everything in the crock pot to cook…great to arrive home after a busy day to have dinner already cooked.

  9. J.C.


    One of my biggest time-saver is the fact that my lunches always consist of leftovers.

    Another is my Zojirushi water heater. It boils hot water for me every morning for fresh tea whenever I want to have some. Just dispense and steep! (Also, great for oatmeal in the morning.)

  10. Tannis W


    Lists lists lists. That’s the one thing that really saves me time.
    I also make use of my crock pot and when making supper, I make a bit extra dot here are leftovers for lunches the next day.

  11. Emma Bartlett


    i pack and have everything nicely labelled for the kids, each year they get a new set of rubbermaid containers and they get labelled, They are responsible for cleaning and bringing them back everyday

  12. Kris Coghlan


    I try to clean as I go. Not everything gets done this way, but it sure saves time in the long run.

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