This coming week is going to be a busy week with Canada Day July 1st and Independence Day July 4th. Whether we are working or celebrating, let’s take a break and have a tea moment to reflect on how the past has brought us to today and how all change starts with one thought, one act, one person!

We must recognize that the suffering of one person or one nation is the suffering of humanity. That the happiness of one person or nation is the happiness of humanity.”  ~ Dalai Lama

Most are planning to celebrate these days with family and friends enjoying picnics, parades, barbeques, and watching the fireworks. Maybe there are a few new fruit infusions to help you stay hydrated and have fun throughout your celebrations! Try out the new crop of fresh berries with an iced tea, or water with lemon or lime as a refreshments.

To help you celebrate here are a few summer time tea recipes:

fruit iced tea recipes

Here are a few other ‘BBQ with Tea’ recipes:


How will you hydrate this Canada & Independence Day?

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  1. Dee Schwark


    Since both my kids are in the West Coast for Canada Day, I will be spending it with friends and bringing these lovely Iced Teas and a fruit platter as my treat! I feel like these are going to go over very well 🙂 Happy Canada Day and Independence Day to our U.S. friends 🙂

  2. heidi c.


    We will be imbibing delicious iced teas of different flavours at our Canada Day BBQ this year. I am looking forward to it already!

  3. Casandra Lightenlove


    We will be celebrating Canada Day with good food, great music, amazing friends and family, and we will be sipping on some homemade lavender lemonade. Happy Canada Day and Independence day Everyone!!!

  4. ameirah


    ill make a big jug of tea for who ever stops by. we are having bbq & relaxing in the garden & letting my girl play.. lots fun!!

  5. Mary


    Enjoying with my kids at our local town function.
    Trying to stay cool in the heat, and then watching fireworks from atop our hill – looking back at town. All in all a great day!

  6. Sarah


    I will hydrate by trying that blueberry peach tea! Yum! Thanks for sharing the recipe!

  7. loriag


    I am going to be enjoying Canada Day with my neighbours. We will watch the parade and enjoy a BBQ. To stay hydrated I plan on drinking lemon water. It is my favourite.

  8. Kristine Smith


    I will be making a lot of fruit flavored iced teas as well as iced tea lemonades. My children LOVE tea of any kind!!

  9. andrea amy


    We’re just staying home for Canada Day, but I will be making a big jug of sweet tea for myself to keep myself going while the kids run circles around me 🙂

  10. Vesper Meikle


    We will be hoping that summer will have arrived by then – still too cool for cold drinks

  11. Michael Moreno


    Will be spending my holiday doing absolutely nothing, except enjoying a nice green tea brew. What a nice way to relax.

  12. Vilma Pacheco


    Relax with a light cook out with the family enjoying some iced green tea with chia seed and lemon juice, then head on to see the fireworks.

  13. Amanda Alvarado


    I am going to try the Strawberry tea for our 4th of July BBQ!!

  14. Amy C.


    We will definitely have iced tea for the 4th and some fruit-flavored water!

  15. Carolyn


    I bought some lemonade iced tea, so good. I be the bottle won’t last the day! (I know I should be making my own, but sometimes lazy wins out, LOL!)

  16. Crystal Scott


    I’ll be making your strawberry iced tea. Happy Canada Day!

  17. Carolle H


    I will go to Canada day celebration in my town and will drink a lot of water

  18. claudia ellis


    we will enjoy it being together as a family with our kids and grandkids. My husband was recently diagnosed with cancer and just got back home from the hospital last week. So being together is what we are most thankful for. We will put some ribs on the grill and of course there will be lots of ice tea with mint!!!

  19. Irene


    I am helping my sister move, and then I am going to try the strawberry iced tea recipe ! Sounds delicious!

  20. Tammy B


    Raspberry or strawberry lemonade for the kids, nettle tea for me 🙂

  21. fran


    I’ll be drinking some home made iced tea and taking a walk in the park!

  22. Joanne Luscombe


    We will be enjoying some blueberry iced tea from Minnesota! Mmm Happy Canada and Independence Day everyone!

  23. Rene


    Strawberry iced tea sounds amazing, and much better than plain old water! Thanks for sharing this!

  24. Won Drastil


    Guava and ginger tea with freshly squeezed lemon juice and ice for the best ever iced tea!

  25. Won Drastil


    Did I mention canada and I share the same birthday? Best country in the world to live in and best place to celebrate my birthday. Happy Canada day and happy day to all

  26. Karen H


    Those recipes sound amazing. Can’t wait to try them. July 1st is the first day of my husband’s retirement. We will be heading to the lake.

  27. Tyson V


    Had a few brewski’s on Saturday, and woke up on Sunday with some steeped black tea.

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