Introducing our new LibreTMoment App!

QR app libretmomentOur new LibreTMoment app is perfect to enjoy:

  • – reflective tea moments,
  • – info on your Libre Tea glass, tea, and its health benefits,
  • – view our Tea Moment word cloud,
  • – tea and relaxation apps and
  • – our Store Locator Map to purchase

This is an android app (iphones can view via above web page link).


We now have a Reward Points Program! Here’s how it works:

You get 1 point for every $1.20 spent at our online store. These points can then be redeemed as cash toward future purchases of any Libre product. Every 5 points you redeem equals $1.00 toward future purchases. This means that if you purchase 6 Libre Originals, your 7th is free!

For Example:

Stephanie buys 6 Libre Originals, for a total of $144 spent.

Stephanie would receive 120 reward points from this purchase (1 pt for every $1.20).

She then decides to redeem these points. 5 points = $1 so her 120 points = $24 toward her next purchase (that’s a free Libre Original!)

As an added bonus, any time you refer a friend to our store and through the referral link they make a purchase, you will receive 20 points as a thank you!

How do you find out how many points you have?Reward Points

  1. Go to ‘shop Libre
  2. Login to your Libre Account (found at the top of the page).
  3. Once logged in near the bottom of the page you will see your reward points

To use the Reward Points:

Using Reward PointsDuring the checkout procedure where you are asked for the payment information choose ‘Use my reward point(s).’ and click the Continue immediately to the right of it. The program will do the calculation and apply the discount to your order. Now you can continue on with the checkout procedure.


Libre Tea Swag Contest – Still time to Win!

There are 2 more Tuesdays left to win a Libre Tea Moment Swag tote! Congratulations to Sein our 2nd winner who shared this tea moment, ‘Nights are longer, so the tea is stronger. I brew a pot of green tea or pu-erh after the children are in bed, cosy up in my favourite chair, light a scented candle, and read a few chapters of a good book.’

West Coast Christmas Show

Libre tea glasses will be in Abbotsford at West Coast Christmas Show December 2 – 4. This is Western Canada’s leading Holiday Season Show that brings together gifts, food, personal services, decor ideas, festive seminars and culinary presentations. Stop by and say hello!

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