Thank you to all who entered our Father’s Day Contest and shared ‘Why your Dad would like a Libre Mug’!

Out of the 62 entries here are our top 20 favourites (not in any order of preference):

  • It’s one less gift he’d have to find for his favorite eldest daughter! Christina O.
  • He is the one who first introduced tea and all the many health benefits into my life! I remember while growing up my dad harvesting and drying out his sage for his tea! Natalie A.
  • My dada rides a Harley and the Libre Tea Mug would come in handy on his fun road trips and bike rides this summer! Crystal G.
  • Because he is older and has arthritis in his hands.  The handle would be great for him! Melissa A-ZLibre Mug
  • My husband would love a Libre Tea cup because he is always in a rush in the morning after taking the kids to school and usually grabs a cup of hot water and some tea to go. He usually ends up spilling it on himself during the car ride, or forgetting it.  Michele J.
  • He is a true blue tea granny and needs to experience it’s purity with Libre tea. Debbie W.
  • He gave up soda and started drinking green tea instead. A Libre would bump up his coolness factor ;-)! Monica E.
  • Because he likes mine, He has health problems and i know that tea is great for body for healing and overall health and not just that it helps to relax the body and he needs it. I want him to be around for a while… Chelesa S.
  • He’s been trying to make the switch from coffee to tea. This would help! Amanda J.
  • He drinks too much beer. He needs to drink more tea…because it’s good for you! Elizabeth T.
  • My husband who is an exceptional father would love a Libre to use in the garden. He’s often out working in his veggie patch & I bring him tea. We have a joke that tea=love, so we call it a cup o’ love. He usually uses his ugly plastic travel mug. Lelainia L.
  • Dad would love a Libre because he works so hard helping everyone else, that he doesn’t often get the break he needs.  He deserves a chance to sit down, relax and have a break with Libre!  At 28 years old, I’m still a Daddy’s girl. Brandi Y
  • He stopped drinking coffee because of heart palpitations and I know he would drink more tea if he had one! Lisa W
  • He is disabled and anything that makes life easier is a welcome gift to him and us (his family). Kristine S.
  • He could take it to work, rather than using a cheap styrofoam cup! Kieley B
  • They rock! Gina G.
  • Dad would LUV a Libre Mug so that he could look cool like Mommy.  Also then the kids would know that he drinks more than just coffee and beer because they could see (right through) the mug!  Sarah B.
  • 🙂 So that he could give it to his favorite daughter!!  nudge, nudge, wink, wink!!  Oh, and the fact that Canadian Tire and RONA are the only stores he shops at!  Cheers! Beverly T.
  • I’m the DAD & tea is my favorite beverage to drink and healthy too. Ray S.
  • Well… I’m moving out and stealing all the teacups. This would remedy the situation. Danielle winner pick

With so many wonderful entries it was very hard to choose the top 20. Our winner for the Father’s Day Contest is Danielle A. Danielle’s name was randomly chosen using

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