Wow Father’s Day is just over 2 weeks away. It’s time to start thinking about what we can do for Dad that will make him feel special.

What do you like to do for Dad on Father’s Day?  Here are a few ideas to start you off:

We think serving Dad tea in his new Libre Tea Mug throughout the day is a great way to show how much you care about him. Tea is full of many health benefits to help Dad feel great!

Here are a few of the Health Benefits of Tea for Dad:

  • Studies show it may reduce bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol
  • Helps regulate blood sugar level which may prevent the development of Type 1 Diabetes
  • May help slow the progress of prostate
  • Can protect against heart disease
  • Helps reduce the risk of kidney stones
  • May be helpful treating hepatitis, inflammation of the liver 
  • Acts as a diuretic
  • Can help prevent tooth decay by strengthening the enamel
  • May increase the survival rate for bladder cancer

Share your Father’s Day Gift Ideas for a chance to win a Libre Tea Mug for Dad!  We will be giving 2 away on June 7th!

Dad’s love Libre Mugs as they can be used for any hot or cold beverage. Keeping the hot hot and the cold cold 🙂

More info about the benefits of Tea:
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Benefits of Green Tea to Men’s Health
13 Reasons Why Tea is Good For You
6 Healthy Types of Tea


Comments (37)

  1. susan edwards


    i just love the libre tea mugs. i brought two for my friends at work, one is a vegan and the other a vegetarian, they love it as much as i do. thank you for making them.

    sue-tea lover.

  2. Amanda Rauch


    My hubby likes to drink tea when he is feeling a little under the weather or just needs a little tlc. This would be perfect for him because he tends to be a sipper and then his tea gets cold.

    My other thought for a great gift is a wallet-his is duck taped together right now 🙂

  3. Kim Barrett


    We’re pretty practical at out house, so, every year, I get my husband work socks for Father’s Day. (A tea mug would make a nice change!)

  4. MJ Moore


    The best Father’s Day gift I ever got my dad was from our family’s history. I was researching our family’s background online and discovered a distant cousin. This man had a boutique printing press and had published a copy of our mutual ancestress’ diary from the pioneer days of Michigan! I managed to find a copy for my dad. I have no idea how to top that 🙂 My only idea for this year is a Survivor t-shirt because he’s such a fan- if I didn’t have to be out of town, a Survivor- themed cookout would be a blast!

  5. Leann L


    Every year for Father’s Day I always get my Dad scratch off tickets. He usually wins something on them & I think that since I have been doing it for so long he looks forward to getting them in his card. 🙂

  6. Leann Lindeman


    My dad passed away last July… I usually bought him woodworking stuff.

  7. Marygrace


    just like what he does for me on Mother’s Day; a box of chocolates from See’s Candies or Lindt Truffles, a card, a large triple latte from Peet’s Coffee, and a sweet roll. 🙂

  8. Maryann D.


    A great gift idea for dads is to mow the lawn for him, or wash his car. A gift of tea or coffee is always terrific too with some biscotti’s.

  9. Jen p


    Hubby is getting allergy friendly pillow and cover and some new pj pants. He would certainly love a tea mug. Love my libre 🙂 then i wouldn’t have to share!

  10. Rachel Ellis


    I usually by my Dad socks or shirts and I usually get my fiance’ new razors and socks. We like practical gifts 🙂

  11. Sunnymay


    A coupon book with outings for picnics, tea and treats, wash the car, make a favorite meal, trip to the zoo, walk in the park.

  12. Vilma Pacheco


    I plan to cook for my husband his favorite dish (Paella) and Bread Pudding.

  13. Debbie W


    We’re heading off to the air show for Father’s day. It is an annual tradition.

  14. Vita


    My dad isn’t quite a gift person so I try to tuck in a Tim Horton’s gift card and a couple Lotto tickets in his wallet. Also we do a family bbq/lobster cookout. I think he’d love the Libre Mug as he has made my mom and kids tea along with our breakfast for years!

  15. Melissa


    I take Father’s Day as a rare opportunity to cook my dad his favourites that he doesn’t always get to enjoy (once a year can’t hurt!), like a big cheesy lasagna, with a pie or crumble for dessert! Mmmm…
    I’ve also recently got him interested in tea, so whenever I visit I’ll bring him a couple new kinds to try.

  16. rochelle haynes



  17. Debra Gardenhire


    My dad is really into fitness and health so we take a run together and solve the worlds problems.

  18. Brutus Duffy


    Dad get something for the kitchen or grill every Farger’s Day. He loves to cook inside and outdoors. This year he is getting an herb grower for the kitchen.

  19. Jennifer Johansen


    I’m getting him a table saw this year, so he can work on his oversized projects.

  20. Wanda


    We cook dinner for our dad on Father’s Day. The most important thing for him is to see the family get together and enjoy the day.

  21. Rhya


    My dad likes to have tea at the office during the day, so I was going to get a berry rooibos for him. A steeper mug to drink the tea would also be a good addition!

  22. Ray


    Food and a home cooked meal with my family are always a winners for me!

  23. Renata


    My father loves a sincere, loving thoughtful card – even handmade! We always take him out for a nice dinner too with the entire family!

  24. stacey h


    I usually buy him some hip and cool clothes. He always wears flannel shirts and jeans, so I make him throw in a little colour with a nice button up dress shirt. I think he appreciates it cause he mentions his coolness factor when he’s wearing his new duds.

  25. J Pickett


    My Dad’s been dead for a very long time now so no Father’s Day Gift necessary. I was thinking though that for my boyfriend’s birthday next month, a Libre Mug, some Moore Tea and a 3 month subscription to NatureBox would be the perfect perfect gift!

  26. Cathy C


    My Hubby loves to go to the movies with his 2 boys. Definitely think a trip to the movies is a great Father’s Day gift.

  27. Georgiana


    My Dad always likes a sentimental card filled with a few lottery tickets for the next big drawing! 🙂

  28. Meghan Finley


    We love to make a different homemade gift each year that we date and he can look back fondly on. He especially loves our handprints that we framed

  29. jill carroll


    Car detailing! Inside and out! With the New Car scented spray!

  30. rachel


    A tennis day! My dad wanted new tennis balls. So I got him those but I could make it a father/daughter day by going out and playing a game or two of tennis with him.

  31. Reply

    The most useful (and I think thoughtful, albeit perhaps not in a sentimental way) gift that I ever got for my dad was a business card binder/address book.

    I know it sounds really ‘practical’ and not really personal, but my dad had this terrible habit of carrying around dozens of crinkled, half-worn out, sometimes laundered business cards in his pockets from all of his friends and colleagues. When he first got a cell phone, I tried showing him how to use the address book/contacts feature, but he was stumped. (And frustrated!)

    So I went through his pockets and picked out all of the cards, (there were many collected in jeans and jacket pockets) and grabbed the home address book too. Cards that were in good shape were added into the slots, duplicates were discarded, and I even went out and replaced some that were just too worn. Names with no cards were printed on the BACK of my old business cards from a job I no longer worked at.

    He kept it in his truck, using it almost every day, until he passed away. When it came to alert his friends of his passing, the book was useful again – he had filled up all the empty slots with all the people who he contacted on a regular basis, and they all came out to his memorial.

  32. Laurie


    I am making my husband a photo album of all the kids’ photos of the past year.

  33. Susan T.


    I usually get my dad lottery tickets. It’s his dream to win big!

  34. Kris Coghlan


    My Dad receives golf balls on Fathers Day. He is always in need of them.

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