Jenn from Jenn’s Review Blog said this about the Libre Tea Mug, “The mug is very sleek and I love that it’s clear glass inside and polycarbonate outside so it’s not fragile. You can see the tea seeping and the leaves in the glass, and even though it’s double walled.”

Dana from Pittsburgh Frugal Mom says, “This is simply the most practical on the run tea brewer I have ever used.”

Kay from Kaisy Daisy’s Corner likes her Libre and says, “It is a great way to make loose tea which I discovered is really good tasting and good for you. It is fun trying all types of teas and the Libre Tea Glass makes it easy. “

Jennifer from One heart, One family is Travelling with Libre Tea! “I am in love with this product! I tested the Original libre tea glass and was thrilled that it did everything it claimed to do.  I can easily drink my loose leaf tea without getting a mouthful of tea leaves. It’s safe to drink around my 3 active children without worrying about my tea spilling or my children getting burnt from hot glasses.”

Libre Mug and LargeHere’s what Little Yellow Teapot has to say about the Libre, “Speaking of oolongs, that Libre tea Steeping Mug did a fine job on this one: The Tea Gang Explores Taiwan Jin Xuan Milk Oolong Tea from Teavivre.”

“Kaitlyn from Wifessionals says she is “absolutely obsessed with my Libre and am excited to give it to tea-loving family & friends for upcoming holidays!”

Hearth and Home reviewed the Libre Tea Original and says, “A unique and useful tea travel mug, this tea accessory is a study in sheer elegance.”

BlendingFamilysChristine from Blending Familys enjoys ‘Tea Drinking with Libre Tea’. The great thing about using the Libre Tea Glass is that all I need is hot water. I can keep the loose tea at the top of the mug until I am ready to use it.


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