Today’s Tea Moment Suggestion: Fresh Tracks Breakfast from Namasthe Tea Co. in Whistler, BCFresh Tracks Breakfast - Namasthe Tea Co.

Premium Dian Hong Black Tea grown in the Ancient Tribal Tea gardens of Yunnan province in China. Robust, rich, malty with slight note of Chocolate. This tea is harvested by hand from Antique Yunnan Tea Trees 800 – 1200 years old. Strong and smooth it is the best Breakfast in the World!

 About Namasthe Tea Co.

‘Namasthé Teas features our own Pemberton Whole Leaf Terroir Tisanes in a wide selection of Premium quality, Certified Organic and Fair-Trade Loose Leaf Teas & Tea pouches. Handcrafted in Whistler.

As dedicated Tea Artisans, we blend sustainabilitea in every tea pouch using manila hemp tea pouches, 100% Home compostable clear overwrap and 100% Solar & Wind Power at the farm & Tea crafting Temple .’

Visit Namasthe Tea Co:

102-1002 Lynham Rd.

Whistler, Canada V0N 1B1

Phone (604) 938-1727



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  1. Sue


    Just wanted to tell you that I ate at a little place on 4th in Vancouver, ( a pie place …Ambrosia??) and had some of your Fresh Tracks Tea. I absolutely loved it. Thank you for the care you put into your product. Sue Skidmore.

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