True friendships are a gift and sometimes rare – and so well cultivated over a cup of tea.

 “The first time you share tea you are a stranger. The second time you take tea, you are an honored guest. The third time you share a cup of tea, you become family.” (Balti proverb)

Tea is a wonderful medium for exchange and cultivation of relationships. The book author ‘Three Cups of Tea’, Greg Mortenson used this ancient cultural proverb as a way to wend into the hearts and minds of  Afghani communities as he raised funds and built schools to educate girls – against traditional philosophies there.

And back here at home often a tea moment between friends is one of the sweetest and most nourishing times we can spend. 

Friendships and Tea Moments

Sometimes the older we get the fewer friendships we have and the more acquaintances we acquire. With our busy work and family activities we don’t make the time we once did for cultivating our closest support system.

We need to remember to stop, and take the time to connect with our friends. Nurture the friendships with the ones who ‘get’ us! They know how we think and they understand why. They are the ones who you can sit with in silence, sipping your tea, and watching the sky or the traffic from the window. They are the ones who know when you need a hug and know when you need your space. And know how to have your kind of funJ


Garland For Friendship 
Friendship is a country
Of the young and young-in-heart,
Made of morning’s greetings,
A warm and happy part
Of phone calls and cups of tea,
Of days of hope and caring,
Friendship is a sturdy refuge,
Forgiveness and sweet sharing
Memories and happy times,
Picnics, fun together,
Count among life’s garlands
Friends who make heart’s weather.
 Gladys McKee


My closest friend and I get together most Saturdays and enjoy each other’s company, updating the events of the week and having a few cups of tea (usually a few pots : ) We can now stay connected with friends of the past (school, work, etc) and make new friends through Facebook and other Social Media.


Here are 2 teas to help you enjoy your Tea Moments with Friends:

Earl Grey Special from TeaLife Canada
Organic White Peony from Boutique Teas in Claremont CA

Congratulations to Gina G. last week’s Family Connection tea winner!

How do you nurture your friendships?

Share with us and be entered in this week’s tea moment giveaway!


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Comments (21)

  1. Amanda Alvarado


    I get together with friends and family at our home and BBQ and hang out about once a month or so and catch up on everything that we’ve missed!

  2. Keya Millionie


    My friends and I have tea parties/clothing and stuff exchanges. So we make different teas and put them out for people to choose from (Sometimes we each make our favorite tea and people can sample things they’ve never tried), then we have piles of stuff we each brought, we dig through it and pick what we want. It’s a lot of fun.

  3. mechele johnson


    My friend and I live far apart now. I grew up in Hawaii and now live in the States. She still lives in Hawaii. We connect by sending a care package to each other once a month. She sends me little things I miss from Hawaii, like Macadamia nuts, my favorite incense from the street market, and I send her things from here that you can’t find there like Elk jerkey, and crafting items. We also get together every other year. We take turns going from Hawaii to Washington State. It is always a glorious and tearful reunion!

  4. Susan OBryant


    I try to always be available whenever my friends need a shoulder or an ear (or both). Having someone to talk to when you’re sad or mad, is a very important piece of friendship.

  5. CathyH


    I’ve moved from from my friends and family. Care packages and surprises in the mail are our fun way of knowing that distance doesn’t mean we have forgotten how to make each other smile. From comforts like tea to inspiration like art supplies, it’s nice to feel appreciated and loved.

  6. Suzie B


    I get together with my best friend once a month for a night out at our favorite cafe for a tea and time to catch up. There is something so special about these times for just the two of us to relax, unwind and laugh!

  7. tammy sigond


    Each Sunday afternoon while my dd is at dance practice I have tea with a friend…it’s out time. Sometimes you have to schedule time for important things like friendship. Love my girls…i alternate sundays with my 2 local besties

  8. Mary


    My best friend and I live on opposite sides of the country, but we will still chat over tea. We can still talk and share a relaxing ritual even though we are far apart.

  9. Danielle


    I have a couple good friends that live in Florida. We still keep in touch even though I moved to West Virginia in 2005. I’ve known them close to 20 years now. I know they will always be there for me no matter what!

  10. Renata


    My best girlfriend and I still communicate together and catch up on our lives on a weekly basis by phone, text and email! We’ve known each other for decades having become life-long buddies at the tender age of six! She’s a true treasure and we set time up each week to reconnect!

  11. Karol


    A lot of my friends live far away now, but we try to stay in touch as best we can. By Facebook, email, phone calls. And we get together whenever we can. We also send cards and notes by mail now and then, to feel more connected than you do by computer. I also just bought some web cams for a friend for her Birthday, so that we can stay in touch now that she’s moved farther away.

  12. Lynne Z


    I have several friends that live very far and we will talk on the phone often and I try to take one vacation a year to fly to visit at least one of them.

  13. Areta


    My BFF and I live in the same city but sometimes it can get difficult to get together due to our busy lives. We put aside the second Sunday of each month to have a shopping day or go for lunch to catch up!

  14. Olivia Rubin


    My sister lives in RI and I am in Florida. We use FaceTime and are able to cook, make tea, talk and see eachother to connect.

  15. Bridgette


    The way that I nurture friendships is by going to potluck with them. We all bring food to share and sit on pillows eat and share stories. Through this I have met many new people which has allowed me to find new interests such as poi. This interest allows me get together with them more any learn new techniques.

  16. Gina O


    Many of my friends now live far away, so I write notes and letters to send while relaxing with a cup of my favorite tea. It’s nice to receive an envelope in the mail, and the extra time it takes shows that I care.

  17. Sara P.


    I nurture my friendships by keeping connected- be by sending cards, calling on the phone, getting together when feasible.

  18. Marsha Saenz-Jones


    My neighbor and I have sons about the same age. When they were young we started sitting outside and chatting while we watched them play. We’ve become best friends and still take our chairs outside weekly to catch up, even though our boys no longer need watching.

  19. Pat B


    I keep in touch – emails, facebook and planned get-togethers, especially concerning events of mutual interest.

  20. Amy Z.


    I try to stay connected with old friends through email and phone calls. And I love to meet up with closer friends for chats and shopping trips!

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