We are excited to announce our partnership and fundraising with Global Women’s Water Initiative. A portion of proceeds from every Libre tea glass sold until Mothers Day will go to the Global Women’s Water Initiative – GWWI.

Why we chose this organization?? Well we love to support organizations that advance women, water and wellness. This organization trains the women who then train their communities on building and maintaining sanitation and water projects.

As well, these women are given training to build their own economic support – a truly sustainable initiative. Since 2008, GWWI trainees have provided clean water and sanitation to over 35,000 and raised over $100,000 of their own funding to expand their projects. Their story:

Transforming African Women’s Water Burdens into Economic Opportunities

African women and girls bear the burden of water on their head, shoulders and backs losing out on economic and education opportunities. The Global Women’s Water Initiative is changing that! GWWI is transforming women from waters bearers to water providers and entrepreneurs! GWWI trains and seed funds African grassroots women to build various water and sanitation technologies like rainwater harvesting systems, water filters and toilets, all made out of local indigenous materials. They lead hygiene and health campaigns and make and sell products like soap, shampoo, chlorine and reusable menstrual pads. They get paid as masons and technicians, make money selling health and hygiene products and some have even been invited on local water boards, influencing local policies. These women are challenging gender stereotypes, implementing locally driven water solutions, improving community health and making money!

Help us make waves!

Mother’s Day Saleoriginal sale

20% off Libre Originals

April 24th-May 1st, 2014

The Libre Original are popular with our Mom tea drinkers – a guaranteed car cup holder fit for all the tireless drop offs and pick-ups they provide  as well as their work commute. And its great for summer iced drinks – the thermal double wall gives cold drinks great protection too.

gwwi pic




Look for these Mother’s Day shelf wobblers at participating Libre Retailers near you in Canada and the USA.


Share with us your Mom and me ‘tea moment’ for a chance to win a Libre Tea Original!


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  1. Karen


    I remember MANY tea and cookie afternoons on the patio with my mother-in-law. She passed away last month and having afternoon tea with her was one of my favourite memories.

  2. Vilma Pacheco


    Before I moved to another state, My mother and I used to enjoy many evenings sitting at her porch sipping a cup of tea. I plan to visit her for Mother’s Day and look forward to share a cup of tea together.

  3. Maryann D.


    I love to go and visit mom and just quietly sit and chat about the week with our cup of tea.

  4. Gary Barclay


    My mom had her mother’s tea caddy and sterling silver tea service, but we preferred to let it collect dust as we enjoyed a simple pot of tea and conversation.

  5. Vernon E. Warner Jr.


    Me and my mom share tea quite often, I drink 2-3 pots a day and we usually sit and talk over a nice cup, me with my asian style handless cup and her with her fancy floral english one.

  6. Jeannie


    My mom and I use would often sit together and share a pot of tea and enjoy cookies we both baked. It’s like our little mini cookie exchange and we get to catch up with each other. My mom has introduced me to so many different varieties of tea because of our tea moments.

  7. Nicky


    my mum and like like to catch up while drinking herbal tea at her kitchen table. simply lovely!

  8. Nicole


    I have many memories of sharing tea with my mother. Such a journey, through ups and downs, weddings, birthdays, funerals, arguments, break ups and make ups. Sadly my mother has passed away so I only have my memories but it makes them all the more important and to be treasured. Where ever you go you always seem to be able to communicate through sharing a cup of tea and everything seems some how better! So where ever you are mother, this cup of tea is for us, love you.

  9. Marygrace


    We’ll my mom has passed but we always chatted over tea or coffee. I would go to her house after dropping off kids at school , have some breakfast and hang out. I miss that a lot. But now I have Tea Moments with my 2 teenage daughters. They say ‘ mama put the kettle on’ and I get their tea ready for them.

  10. Kris Coghlan


    At our cottage in Ontario, it was customary for my Mom and I to take a break from our prepartions for supper and sit on the dock with our cup of tea. I do so miss those times.

  11. Rhonda Cunningham-Phillips


    I remember cool mornings, sharing tea with my mother and father. Precious memories that last forever!

  12. Brenda Young


    I am a mom and all of my children have been wonderful tea toddlers with me. My one daughter gifted me a Libre tea tumbler at Christmas. I’m hooked! I would love another tumbler, so I can share the tea toddling with yet another kind soul and choose the tea each of us wishes. Thank you 🙂

  13. Darrah Bailey


    My mom LOVES tea! I couldn’t WAIT for the day I was old enough to enjoy a cup of tea with her.. We LOVE going to a little Tea room we have here where you can have vintage tea party and it’s very fun.

  14. Anita Farnsworth


    First memories of having tea with my mother was going for dim sum whenever we were in a city. Quite literally translated to go to “yum cha” was to go drink tea. Great memories.

  15. Katie S


    My mom was not in to tea, and it was something I got into as an adult. It is something I wish to share with my own children though.

  16. neha gupta


    i always the loved the “tea moment” coz that’s the moment with my parents i spent only talking with them specially with my mom. most of the time i made the tea and let my mom relax for a while and chat with her.

  17. SweetPanda


    The “tea moment” my mom and I have are usually on a weekend morning. It’s only about an hour but it’s will be a nice chat about things that surrounding us. It’s a mom and daughter time for ourselves

  18. leslie twining


    I have very fond memories of cuddling up with a cup of tea while talking to my mom over the phone when I was away at college.

  19. Joanne Saunders


    I’m a tea addict. Shared on Facebook, twitter, pinterest, and google+

  20. Perietta Migrant


    My “tea moment” with my mom is in the mornings. At least once per week, I make her breakfast, which includes her favourite tea, to thank her for doing so much 🙂

  21. Jeanine


    I remember once when I had a particularly rough time and my mom waited up for me to come home. We sat up until late that night, drinking tea and chatting. She made me feel so much better. I felt so special and so loved. It was one of those times I will never forget. My mom is gone now but her love stays with me always.

  22. Reply

    I remember the summer day we went to the hair dressers followed by afternoon tea at the Four Season downtown Toronto, Such a treat.

  23. Kayla Gilbert


    My mother and I always spend Sunday mornings sipping tea. It’s our time to relax and catch up.

  24. Amanda Alvarado


    I remember a nice cold glass of tea shared with my mom on our hot Texas summer evenings after a long day of playing outside!

  25. Brenda Witherspoon-Bedard


    our tea moment is when we can a few minutes to just sit down and chat

  26. Beverly


    My favorite tea moment with mom is when I would return home during the holidays from university and catch up with her. We both love out Earl Grey tea with fresh scones.

  27. Laurie Tilkin


    My mom has past but I will never forget have tea when we were together. Red rose with 1 teaspoon sugar and milk. We would have some good chats.

  28. Shelley


    Being English my mother has always loved her tea and has shared the tea experience with me since I was a wee one. She lovingly filled a bottle with warm tea that I would drink and enjoy. As I got older we used to enjoy orange Pekoe (only Tetley) for my mom. Now she has branched out to Green. Here’s hoping to introduce her to all the many tea flavors and the loose tea life!

  29. Becca Z


    Best tea moment of many great tea moments: High Tea at The Peninsula Hotel in Hong Kong after finally exiting China from an exhausting business trip.

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