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Jan Jensen has been teaching Nia since 1997 and currently offers classes on the BC Sunshine Coast. Her books, inspirational cards, courses and workshops delve deeper into sensory awareness, helping each person find the best ways to build a healthy life that integrates body, mind and spirit.


Why Getting Cultured Matters So Much

And no, this is not about the opera…

Cultured (or fermented) in this case refers to everyday vegetables & vegetable mixtures that are bursting at the seams with probiotics, those little critters that balance and boost our gut environment. They get this way through a process very similar to the making of old-fashioned sauerkraut. I have developed a quicker & easier modern version.

Jan - Cultured - 1The greatest thing about Cultured Vegetables is that they are something you add to whatever you’re already doing with food. Most healthy diets require that you delete or restrict foods that you would normally eat.

Cultured Veggies will support your quest for greater vitality simply by being small part of every meal. How easy is that?

Once Cultured Vegetables with their trillions of probiotics enter into your digestive system they help to balance your gut flora and fauna so that you get more out of the foods you eat. With a highly functioning gut you have more energy, a happier heart and a clear mind.

There’s more:

  • They add tons of vitamins B, C and K to your gut, which bumps up your immune system and helps you stay out of the way any nasty bugs that may come your way.
  • Whether you make your own Cultured Vegetables (the least expensive) or buy them at your local deli, Cultured Veggies are so much cheaper than buying probiotic supplements.
  • One of the most valuable benefits of Cultured Veggies for me is that they help control sugar cravings during stressful times. I’m so grateful for all those chocolate bars I have NOT eaten!

Jan - Cultured - 2I could keep listing benefits for ages here … but really, all you need to remember is:

A tablespoon of Cultured Veggies per meal keeps you happy, healthy and wise. And such a scrumptious taste treat! So cool.

Enjoy the revitalizing effects of your own Cultured Vegetables!


Have you tried Cultured Vegetables? What Cultured Vegetables have you tried or would like to try?

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Comments (30)

  1. andrea amy


    I would like to try cultured beets. The only cultured vegetable I have tried is sauerkraut! Thanks for the chance.

  2. kathy downey


    I have not tried Cultured Vegetables but would be open to trying any kind.Thanks

  3. Reply

    At home, we ferment rice flour before turning it into pancakes; sauerkraut, kimchi and kombucha are some of my favourite foods. I’d love to see what you’ve come up with!

  4. Sunnymay


    Cultured Veggies are new to me. The probiotics would help boost the immune system and help keep you from getting sick.

  5. Nicole Sender


    I haven’t tried this but it sounds like cultured veggies are good for one’s health. I’d be most interested in trying the process.

  6. Nicky


    i have eaten and enjoyed sauerkraut, and would like to try Jan’s fermented salsa!

  7. loriag


    I have tried sauerkraut but have never heard of cultured vegetables. I take probiotics daily, and this sounds like a wonderful alternative. I would love to try the Fermented Salsa.

  8. Kim


    I’ve never tried cultured veggies. I know I need a health boost. Will this work for me? Will this kick start my body into responding better to the good stuff i try to do? I’d like to try!

    • Jan


      Absolutely! Start with whatever appeals to you, eat at least a tablespoon a day (with meals). I’m guessing you’ll start noticing a difference within a couple of weeks, definitely in a month. Try it.

  9. Dianne Messina


    I had food poisoning a few months ago and my stomach is not completely back to normal. Would Cultured Vegetables be okay on my tender tummy?

    • Jan


      Yes. Just start with very small amounts – like a tsp with your meal, and see how your gut likes it. You will be able to increase the amounts as your tummy heals. Gently gently does it …

  10. Amy C.


    What an interesting idea! I haven’t had cultured vegetables, but I would like to try a combination of peppers.

  11. Amanda Alvarado


    I haven’t tried cultured veggies before. This is the first I’ve heard about them!

  12. Reply

    I am really excited about culutured veggies and sad to have missed the last workshop. So far I have only tried fermented red cabbage and it was amazing. Would love to learn about fermenting greens like kale and collards. Thanks!

  13. Saundra Bowers


    I have had sauerkraut and would love to try the beets. Very interesting article, I am going to keep reading on this topic.

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  15. Vilma Pacheco


    I always keep sauerkraut in the fridge. I got addicted with my first try. I’ve also tried kimchi. After reading Jan’s article, I’ll try some of her suggestions.

  16. Cindy


    I love to culture vegetables from my garden! Right now I have homemade cultured beets, carrots with ginger, lemons, kimchi, sauerkraut, and kombucha in the refrigerator. I try to eat a little every day.

  17. TamiBatesBlackroze (@tamibates)


    its amazing at what im finding since i started to eat and live healthy. no ,not tried and ALL of them . my 18yr daughter and myself have started yoga, eating right and eating healthy and having fun with our foods (dont eat her turnips greens with vinegar,onions and garlic though & hot peppers) but expriementing with differnt things in with vegs that really kick it up, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, hemp hearts

  18. Elena Vo


    My neighbor down the street used to make cultured pickles…tge were sooo good, especially on a hot summer day! Loved the crunch and the zing, I think she added garlic and ginger, too.

  19. Jenna H


    I have not tried cultured vegetables before but it sounds very beneficial to my health. I would like to try sauerkraut.

  20. Rachael


    I started creating my own fermented foods over the summer, and while I do love other vegetables (fermented cherry tomatoes with garlic and basil, for instance), it the sauerkraut that brought back memories of childhood and has given me the most inspiration so far…I’ve purchased a used 10L water seal crock which is currently bubbling away with 16 lbs of cabbage, and have about 8 small jars of experimental sauerkraut going on at the moment (lemon lavender…basil sundried tomato…pineapple…jalapeno…). Give fermenting and cultured foods a try, you won’t be sorry and it’s kind of addicting, lol!

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