Check out our great Libre Mug special below and thanks for all your great suggestions from last week – here for your perusal.  And congratulations to our winners Olivia R. and Suzie B. for their Air Earth day tips.

Another key element of our earth is Water – its life giving! Without it we wouldn’t exist. So what can we do to preserve this precious resource that is diminishing and contribute to a sustainable earth! Let us know your ideas for a chance to win 1 of 2 Libre Mugs.

Last week we received some great Earth Day tips for the air element! This week we’d love your tips on conserving water. Here’s a few facts:

water fall - earth dayDid you know?

  • Only 3% of the earth’s water is fresh water
  • 25% of bottled water comes from municipal water, the same as our tap water
  • In the US over 400 billion gallons are used everyday
  • While in Canada and United State residents use approximately 100 gallons of water per day those in sub-Saharan Africa use 2.5 gallons per day
  • 1000 gallons of water is used to produce 1 gallon of milk
  • A faucet dripping once per second leaks over 55 gallons per week

What can we do?

  • When doing laundry and using the dishwasher always have full loads
  • Take 5 minute showers; use a kitchen timer to double check
  • Use a low-flow shower head
  • Don’t use the toilet as a garbage; kleenex’s are compostable
  • Turn the water off when brushing your teeth
  • Wash cars with a bucket rather than the garden hose
  • Clean driveways, sidewalks and patios with brooms instead of hoses

Share with us your Water Earth Day tips for a chance to win a Libre Mug!

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Comments (22)

  1. n.cassandra smith


    We’ve decided to start watering our garden with the water collected from a rain barrel and only grow drought resistant veggies.

  2. Sacha


    I have a 3.5 gallon Royal Berkey water filter; because of the volume of water it contains, what comes out of the spigot stays cold. No running faucets. No power required. No fridge space lost. Best of all: Great tasting water with no contaminants!

  3. Reply

    I’ve been doing this since 7th grade after a class project but I don’t use water when i brush my teeth. I just start brushing and let the salvia do it’s things. I may rinse it quickly when I’m done but I never pre wet my brush or leave the water running while I brush

  4. Sarah B.


    We don’t water our grass. We use the water collected from our dehumidifier to water our flowers. We are going to use a rain barrel to water our vegetable and fruit garden this summer.

  5. Maryann D.


    I have a high efficiency washer that uses less water and we take quicker showers too.

  6. Karol


    Little things, like turning the water off while I brush my teeth. Taking shorter showers than I used to. Watering the lawn less often.

  7. stacey h


    i always wash laundry in cold water. i also have a low flow shower head and aerators on my faucets.

  8. Eileen


    Keeping a jug of water in the fridge so there’s no need to run the tap for a drink of cold water.

  9. Danielle


    Whenever I cook veggies, I always reuse the water to make a soup or stew. It’s packed full of nutrients AND I save water.

  10. Ray


    I make an effort to take a quick 5 minute lukewarm shower daily to conserve both water and energy and I installed a shower head that is efficient in water conservation as well!

  11. April


    some may think this is gross but it really isn’t if you keep the toilet lid closed. the saying goes like this “if its yellow let it mellow, if its brown flush it down.” I do not have the money to invest in an cool toilet at this time in my life so this is how I do + it helps cuz I should use only the amount of toilet paper necessary to not plog up the toilet with fewer flushes.
    Also when washing dishes I turn off the faucet whenever I am scrubbing or simply not rinsing a dish.
    Also when brushing teeth, I always keep a tall cup of water by the sink so to start brushing teeth I don’t even turn on the faucet to wast moistening my brush I dip it in the glass of water I always have prepared. I also use the cup of water to rinse my mouth out as well saving water from dripping through my hands!

    this list can go on I am really aware of the water that comes into my home and is leaving it, here is where I can most easily conserve water.

    now here is a fun quote I like about water:
    “Now that’s what I call high quality H2O.” (The Waterboy Adam Sandler)

  12. Renata


    I make sure that both our dishwasher and clothes washer has a full load before we run either water machine in our house to be a conservationist! Love Earth Day – thank you for all the healthy tips too!

  13. Reply

    We don’t leave the water running when we don’t need it (including when we’re brushing our teeth). We only shower every other day, and when we do shower, we don’t put it on full blast, so we use about 1/5th of the water we would otherwise, if not less. We use bouillon cubes instead of cartons of vegetable broth. We don’t buy bottled water. We rarely buy juice now, and instead make our own! After reading a sign in the bathroom at Earth’s General Store: “If it’s yellow, let it mellow. If it’s brown, flush it down.” We started implementing that at home. We only use 100% recycled tissue paper. We use only 100% recycled paper for our printing needs. We consume a plant-based diet. We don’t water or use sprinklers for our yard, instead, we let the weather take care of that for us!

  14. CarolynH


    I wash laundry in cold water; only wash clothes or dishes when I have a full load; Never leave faucet running while brushing teeth; Take quick showers instead of tub baths; Use reusable water bottles; Let rain water our yard instead of water sprinklers; Use recycled toilet paper; I use a low flow shower head. We use cloth napkins instead of paper ones. Earth Day is every day in our home.

  15. Georgiana


    All the above sound like fabulous ideas to conserve water! In addition, I reuse the bathtub water when bathing the children at night so as not to refill it more than once. And I don’t fill it all the way full as well.
    Earth Day is very special to commemorate our love for the planet!

  16. Denise H


    I take a shower every 2nd day (If I haven’t been exercising) …. and I don’t always have to wash my hair.. every day… it does damage to your hair, the environment and wastes water.

  17. Jessica


    I recycle, reuse, reduce, and compost. I also have an organic garden. I take quick showers and reuse everything that I can. I also clean up local beaches.
    To clean up the air I bike more than drive and I plan on buying a hybrid car as soon as I graduate and have the money to do so.
    To be environmentally conscious about water I do not buy plastic water bottles, instead I fill up my reusable one. I also take quick showers and never take baths.
    Thanks for the chance to win! I love your mugs 🙂

  18. Anne


    My water-saving tip is pretty simple, but even small efforts add up. When I have to run water until it’s hot or cold enough for whatever I need it for, I collect it in a measuring cup and use it either to water my plants or for the dog’s water bowl. I can’t bear to let it just run down the drain!

  19. Jennie


    Don’t buy bottled water! ew! Keep clean, re-usable bottles everywhere you go; gym bag, in the car, at work… That way you wont be tempted to be wasteful when dying for a drink of water.

  20. Jessica


    I use the hot water after cooking pasta, veggies, etc to kill weeds in the garden. Free weed killer & saving water!

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