Earth Day is April 22nd and we are now approaching the last few days of our Get Grounded for Earth Day Giveaway and Sale. We have received so many excellent tips on how to save and protect our water. Congratulations to this weeks 2 winners: Eileen O & Denise H.

“What we are living with is the result of human choices and it can be changed by making better, wiser choices.” — Robert Redford

This week we will explore how to look after the earth by reusing, recycling and reducing our product waste.

Household waste can be divided into these 3 categories: about one-third is composed of paper; one-third is organic waste: food scraps, grass clippings, dead plants etc.; and the final third is made up of glass, metals, plastics, textiles (clothing, linens), wood, and other materials (electronic waste, washing machines, old furniture, rubber tires).

Reasons to Recycle, Reuse and Reduce:

  • If all morning newspapers read in this country were recycled, 41,000 trees would be saved daily and 6 million tons of waste would never end up in landfills.
  • recycle earth dayOr get your fill of news electronically and don’t use newspapers
  • Products made from recycled steel reduce water use by 40%, water pollution by 76%, air pollution by 86%, and mining wastes by 97%.
  • Americans use 4 million plastic bottles every hour but only 1 out of 4 is recycled.
  • One ton of paper made completely from recycled scrap saves 7,000 gallons of water, 4100 kilowatt hours of energy and 17 trees.
  • Approximately 10% of the food Americans buy at the supermarket is thrown out. This results in dumping the equivalent of more than 21 million shopping bags full of food into landfills every year.

Our contribution can only be what we can do to support the earth’s sustainability for our collective future.

As my Grandma dear Ethel said, ‘Do It Now’ a dashboard sticker in her purple car a constant reminder.

We’ve been very thrilled to receive all of your tips – oh so many and so useful.

Share with us how you and your family Recycle, Reuse and Reduce for a chance to win a Libre Mug!

From Tuesday April 16th until Monday April 22nd we are randomly choosing winners from the daily Earth Day tips received.

Daily winners to date:
April 16th – No tips rec’d – 2 will be chosen Apr. 22nd
April 17th – Anne B
April 18th – Jessica F

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April 5th-22nd, 2013 Midnight PST

Comments (16)

  1. n.cassandra smith


    I use old coffee grounds on my tomato plants, they love the acid from them. The rest go into my composter to help break down the rest of the organic waste so we can continue to make rich soil.

  2. Sarah


    Beyond the usual recycling that we do at our house, we also compost even though we’re in an apartment building . I also have multiple travel mugs that i fill with tea in the morning; and then later in the day will refill again instead of using disposable cups at work.

    All of the old clothes that we outgrow, as well as old books that we finish reading, all get donated to local charities for others to reuse.

  3. Eileen


    I recently started composting…it’s amazing how little actually ends up in the ‘trash’ bin. My city offers a compost bin pickup so once I figured out what goes in which bin, the process is so simple. Today I found this on YouTube: Origami kitchen catcher liner So I’ll be making one of those tonight!

    Was that my name for Week 2?!! Should I be expecting an email soon? What email address should I be looking out for?

  4. Jen p


    We repurpose and revive household objects to spare them from being thrown away. Our latest – a large picture that i relined with decorative wrapping paper. To use as a dry erase board. We also donate our local re-store that sells items to fund habitat for humanity

  5. Liz Buck


    I starting recycling old boardgames and clothing to make crafts. I try to limit the use of garbage produced in the house by always using reusable bags, trying to ensure that packaging is biodegradable before I purchase it, and making sure we use the compost for all compostable waste.

  6. md kennedy


    I have to tell you about our condo building: almost two years ago they instituted an organics recycling program – every one was given special bins for our organics and on every floor we have an organics recycling “chute.” On top of that we a full recycling room where we place all the “regular” recyclables in a bin, plus we have separate bins for batteries, light bulbs and electronics. Since the condo corporation instituted the organics recycling program, our volume of trash headed for landfill has dropped at least 30% – such an accomplishment! And our concierge will call non-profits to pick up clothes. Wow!

  7. alisa


    We reuse by upcycling and doing DIY projects with things like food containers and bottles and by using plastic items multiple times for multiple reasons.

  8. Terri Cole


    We eat a plant-based diet and we compost all our kitchen waste. We buy food in bulk, do not use bottled water, reuse and re-purpose pretty much everything. What we don’t have any use for, we recycle, sell or give away.

  9. Sunnymay


    After I’m done eating my loaf of bread, I cut the wrapper in half or thirds and use twist ties to re-use them for sandwich wraps. The bottom one only needs one twisty tie. Then I bring the twisties home to use again.

  10. Natalie P


    We reduce our waste by avoiding bottled drinks and using reusable travel mugs for our hot and cold beverages in the morning and throughout the day.

  11. stacey h


    we recycle everything. use reusable bottles for water. purchase items that use less packaging.

  12. Maryann D.


    If I get package in the mail, I use the empty box for our newspapers and put it out on recycling day. We have large cans to put all our bottles and plastics also for recycling day.

  13. stacey h


    reduce emissions and save on gas by driving only when needed. walking and taking the bus are great options.

  14. Brian


    Add an old vase into your toilet tank to reduce the water consumption. This will not hamper its function, but will save the amount of water it uses. It will also save you money o. Your water bill.

  15. Jen P


    we make all of our errands happen as seamlessly as possible to save of multiple trips. if we can walk, we do – baby likes that anyway 😉

  16. stacey h


    i gravitate towards “previously loved” furniture and clothing. i am also very aware of transportation costs when purchasing groceries – buy local!!!

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