Over next few weeks were going to celebrate and explore how we can contribute to our Earth.

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So now sit back and enjoy a tea moment and let’s explore how we can do our bit to sustain our Earth: air, water and earth  – each plays a part in the overall system.

Reflect on your favorite ways to contribute to sustaining the earth and you can win! This week we’ll pick a winner from contributions about clean air actions you do.

Every winner receives a Libre Mug!

Giveaway 1 & 2 – Share your Earth Day Tips (week one – air, week 2 -water) on our blog for a chance to win 1 of 4 Libre Mugs – 2 winners will be picked randomly on April 12th and 2 more will be picked the following week on April 19th

AND for the final week … Giveaway 3 – Starting Tuesday April 16th to Monday April 22nd we will randomly choose a winner from the daily Earth Day tips received.

That’s a grand total of 11 Libre Mugs to giveaway!


Take a deep breath and revel in the knowledge that this air has been around since the beginning of time. We breathe in the same recycled air that the dinosaurs did when they were alive. Their air, however, was less polluted. Through man’s evolvement and time our air has become less clean and healthy.

In an underdeveloped country, don’t drink the water; in a developed country, don’t breathe the air.  ~Changing Times magazine

Here are a few suggestions to help keep our air clean:

  • Walk or ride a bicycle when possible, instead of driving
  • Take a bus or carpool when necessary
  • Plant trees
  • Try to avoid using products in aerosol cans
  • Use natural cleaning solutions
  • Work with groups to stop deforestation
  • Use less heat and air conditioning

Looking for more ideas? Check out this Act for the Planet pdf that has a 30 Day Challenge. It’s full of great simple ideas that are easily accomplished.

This week share with us your actions to generate and sustain cleaner air in our ‘Get Grounded for Earth Day’ giveaway!

We ought to think that we are one of the leaves of a tree, and the tree is all humanity. We cannot live without the others, without the tree. — Pablo Casals

Now take another deep breath and smile with the knowledge that you are making a difference and are helping make this world a better place.


For more info:
Sky Rainforest Rescue
Help us save the air we breathe
Global Warming Tips
National Geographic – Deforestation



Comments (30)

  1. Olivia Rubin


    I live in South Florida so the a.c. Is usually on, especially in the summer. I called the electric company and volutuntarily signed up for their on-call program allowing them to shut off my a.c. on high use days. They are now allowed to turn it off for a couple of hours each day from April – October when the power grid is getting to high

  2. kelly cotreau


    whenever possible on the weekends my husband and I “keep it local” and do all our errands by bike, including grocery shopping, farmer’s market shopping and any small errands. If it is something that requires us to drive we really try to see if it’s something that can be done on our regular work commute instead to keep us from getting in the car all weekend long. it also helps us get exercise and as my husband likes to say “it’s good for our health, good for our wallets and good for the earth”

  3. chelesa sims


    Sort out everything that is consumed for trash from recyclable items to garbage. Put the recyclaeable items into a seperate bin for recycling and another for trash. reuse the same glass or bottle for drinking .take shorter showers and consume less water. Wash clothes in cold water. turn the heater down at night when you go to sleep.unplug things from the wall socket when you arent using them ,such as a cell phone charger and etc.Not only will these help with saving the planet ,it can also save big bucks.

  4. Alaka Frolick


    We buy local and shop local as much as possible. Our grocery shopping used to be done 80+ blocks away, now it’s 10 blocks away! Priority and preference is given for products made within the province, then within surrounding provinces, then within the country, and then within North America. We also buy local organic when possible, since pesticides aren’t any good for us, or the earth!

    We try to minimize packaging, and always recycle. We use our own reusable cloth bags when going shopping, and try to buy food items at places where we can refill containers or get things out of bulk bins. We buy minimal amounts of things in cans, and instead do fresh things as much as possible. We are also buying very few things that are very processed and pre-made and doing a lot from scratch! We minimize take-out (2 times in 3 months).

    We don’t let our car idle. We use eco-friendly cleaners. We bought a car so we wouldn’t have to drive our truck everywhere. The truck is now only used maybe 3 times a month, when it used to be used everyday, and sometimes several times in a day. We garden. We use only 100% recycled paper for printing. My husband hasn’t been on a plane in 5 years, and I have never been on a plane.

    If we need something new, and can’t buy something locally made (say, a toaster oven), we look for used. If we can’t find that after awhile, then we finally break down and buy used (that hasn’t happened in awhile!).

    I’m pretty sure I could think of more, but that’s all that’s coming to mind right now ;)! We’re hoping to have our own tiny home soon, and then we have big plans on more environmental conscious things we can do to shrink our footprint on the planet!

  5. Georgiana


    Every week we take our reuseable totes to the farmers market and to the grocery store to avoid bagging with those nasty plastic bags! We also recycle all cardboard and bottles and cans to make sure we do our small part in taking care of our planet!
    Thank you for the lovely Libre mugs!

  6. Suzie B


    To help with my air inside I have many houseplants, such as spiderplants. Not only do they warm up the room with greenery, they help to purify the air naturally!

  7. Nicole Sender


    To reduce the use of oil heat I have added new windows to keep the heat in during the winter & out during the summer. To improve the air quality near my home I have numerous trees and scrubs that insulate and protect my home as well as provide shelter for the various birds and squirrels who reside in my yard. My husband & I plan our driving trips to consolidate stops and reduce the amount of driving time. I have lots of houseplants that are supposed to clean the air inside.

  8. Holly Thomas


    I recycle, once you have the bins and set them up it is super easy!!

  9. Maryann D.


    I have changed all my light bulbs to the energy efficient bulbs. I limit my driving and do all errands at one time once a week. I recycle cans, bottles, paper products. I buy natural and organic products also local produce whenever I can.

  10. Terri Cole


    The single greatest impact you can have on your carbon footprint is to go vegan. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing either. I started by taking an Earth Day pledge to make 2 vegan meals a week. It took me a while, but now I am 100% plant-based.

  11. Renata


    We make an effort to take shorter showers and filter our drinking water to avoid buying plastic water bottles. Also we use BPA free containers and carry water in reusable bottles too! Thank you!

  12. stacey h


    I get all my errands accomplished at one time with the least amount of driving possible.
    I try to do my part by driving my car as little as possible. Not only is it an environmental issue it is also affects my finances (gas is costly) and my sanity (traffic).

  13. Natalie P


    Since I moved to a bigger city I’ve started biking everywhere I can, and taking public transit as much as possible.

    I also never use paper coffee cups since I keep my Libre bottle with me! I’d love to have a mug for home too!

  14. Karol


    For me, it’s the little things that count. We recycle as many things as we can. Also, planting some of our own herbs, etc…Bringing a tote when we’re doing small shopping trips, reusing items, buying energy efficient (& Energy Star) appliances, walking instead of driving when it’s feasible. And we’re trying to switch to more natural cleaning products and using much less air sanitizers, etc…that pollute the air with chemicals.

  15. Ray


    I make an effort to walk or bike to work everyday and do as many errands as possible this way as most stores are also under a mile from my home. Each week I do take fabric grocery bags in shopping and do my best in recycling our household trash as well.

  16. Vilma Pacheco


    To help purify the indoor air in my house I have several plants such as Peace Lillies, Mother in Law Tongues, etc. Not only do they add decor to my house but they also purify the indoor air. Love my plants.

  17. Jaclyn


    We always keep our thermostat set low in the winter. This year we kept it at 60F. We just keep fleece jackets or sweatshirts on hand, and maybe an extra blanket!

  18. Deb Danis


    I use my cloth bags for shopping, farmer’s market, etc. so I don’t get those nasty plastic bags when shopping. I have a garage sale every year so I can give other people a change to reuse things around the house, clothes, etc that I don’t use any more — much better then throwing it in the landfill. I use a Brita for my water so I don’t buy all those plastic bottles…but my favorite thing it to use my Libre tea mug everyday instead of going to Tim Horton’s to get tea in a plastic cup that will go into our landfill – 5 disposable tea cups X 47 weeks a year = 235 cups! Wow!

  19. CarolynH


    My actions to generate and sustain cleaner air are: I maintain a vegetable garden year-round; I have fruit-bearing trees; I mulch & compost in my yard. I conserve electricity in my home by air-drying my laundry; using ceiling fans & open windows when temps are appropriate; I have radiant barrier in my attick. We use LED lights. We walk instead of ride to grocery store. Bike ride to further places.

  20. Tiffany yu


    I work for an oil and gas company but we’ve got HUGE emphasis on making the industry more environmentally friendly and sustainable. As such, when I’m selling lubricants for the commercial and industrial business segments, I always push our ‘Environ’ and ‘Purity’ lines. Environ is 100% metal free, inherently biodegredable and recyclable – an excellent alternative to conventional hydraulic oils, particularly because in construction and mining industries, hoses are always blown spilling oil onto the ground. Educating my customers about this product raises awareness about how they can help reduce impact to our environment and allows them to make a conscious decision to stop oil contamination… gives the oil and gas industry a bad rap!

  21. Dionne Morrissette


    I recycle paper, glass, aluminum, and plastic monthly; and make it a family event. We also use our own bags @ the local markets; and purchase organic food, and personal products. What I love the most is to lounge at the beach and breathe in the fresh air especially in the morning on the weekends!

  22. Denise


    Even though I have MS, we try to walk whenever we can… park the vehicle …. and if you must drive – get regular service done to your vehicle so it operates at optimum levels.

  23. Laurie


    To keep the air cleaner, I try to combine errands so that I go out once and get everything done for the day.

  24. Diana P


    Bonjour! I collect empty food boxes and other materials which my students use to build structures. After initially creating towers, they were required to upcycle the materials to transform them into bridges. I eat my lunch from glass containers and until it was dropped, I drank my tea in a double-walled glass mug. I also walk wherever possible, but that is mostly because I love to walk!

  25. Lyndi Malarchuk


    We walk or ride out bikes whenever possible. We also look for opportunities to carpool when we need to drive. We plant new trees & plants on our property every year.

  26. gracie


    I always hang my laundry on the clothesline. I love the natural hot sunny smell of the laundry and the way the laundry feels. If i have to dry some laundry in the dryer I do at night and not during the day to save energy. Line drying saves lots of energy and is good for environment.

  27. Natalie P


    I conserve water by using a low flow shower head and faucet aerators on my sinks!

  28. Sunnymay


    I reuse empty bread wrappers by cutting them in half and twist tie the ends. The bottom one only needs one twist tie to recycle as a sandwich holder when away from home.

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