We are so pleased to present the finalist selection for our Holiday Design Invitational.

We’ve selected the finalist deisgns based on the following criteria (though other criteria was also considered):

  1. Relevance – Does the entry align with:
    • the Libre brand values (peace, simplicity, connection, and beauty)
    • holiday theme
  2. Originality – Does the composition exhibit original design, creativity, and imagination?
  3. Aesthetic Quality – Does the submission command attention? Does it display visual balance and color coordination? Do all the elements work together to create a beautiful, unified, and appealing design?

Now ……

Comments (22)

  1. Jennie K


    LOVE the animal design !! What a great idea that isn’t necessarily for one specific holiday – It can be appreciated year round

  2. Cheryl


    I love the one with the doves. It is my favorite. The other design is nice.

  3. Lilac


    I love the animal design, but I just wish there was a Moose instead of a Caribou. I have lots of Moose items I put out each holiday season.

  4. Tanya Teneyuque


    I love how this design illustrates the beautiful life force in all creatures that want peace and love for the holidays and all days.

  5. Tracey Burby


    I like the teal animals, they really represent Canada and provide a nice pop of colour.

  6. Julia Frater


    Both designs are lovely, however the rays emanating and the heart centers-to me- look a little bit too much like bullet holes through the hearts of the mostly hunted animals in the second one….. and that makes me sad, even though I know it wasn’t intended to!
    It was just my immediate first impression, for what it’s eorth.
    I also like the neutral tone of the top one, which would showcase the tea a little better, I think.

  7. sarah good


    I love both of these designs! They are very unique but if I had to choose between the two I would choose the doves.

  8. Annie Lindsay


    Option 1 – I like the symbol of the dove but without any color, it feels dull. Maybe silver accent.
    Option 2 – The bird was the only image that I connected to. Not a fan of teal for holiday.

  9. Mary Drisdale


    The only thing I don’t like about the second design is the penguine. That animal does not go with the rest as part of the Canadian animals. If you left it off it would be better or replace it with a snowy owl or other artic bird.

  10. Debbie Lindsay


    not really Christmas pictures….but will be nice on a libre mug

  11. Donna Williams


    I think they both are beautiful! But I love the color and the different animals just a little bit more… Also the bit about the burst being clear at the heart so the tea color can come through just gives it that over the edge advantage!!😍😍

  12. Roberta


    love my Libre I do like the smaller one but have a large one as well.
    so glad to have the extra seal as my small one did leak over time.
    Beautiful designs both would be lovely.

  13. Reply

    I love the design with the animals. It really embraces the spirit and significance of the natural world, which I think is particularly important in this day and age! I did think that the penguin was a bit of an odd choice both from a cultural perspective as well as a design one. Although it’s hard to visualize how this will look in 3D, the penguin seems quite tiny compared to the rest of the animals.

  14. Calla Lilley


    I do like the blue design with the animals.
    The colour was what caught me!
    Dove design is timeless, but the blue is something different, festive,
    yet will work any season really.

  15. K. Young


    I like the cool animal designs, doves are so ‘over done’, it’s nice to see some reality in form.
    I like the image of the wolf jumping trying to catch dinner. It shows ingenuity and the daily struggle for life.
    The energy beaming from the animals is great.

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